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re: Bad For Good - The Sequel

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JimmyG 08:30 pm MST 03/01/18
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More thoughts/ideas:

I think Raven's desire to become 18 again could simply come from feeling older than Strat, or it could also be that she's been physically disabled, e.g. from the waist down, plus she doesn't want to feel like an outsider in the world of 18-year olds. For her, an all aging people, the "Future just ain't what it used to be" in a world where they're outcasts. However, reversing to her 18-year old self comes at a cost - all her memories, including those of Strat, will be gone if she does that. Strat is horrified of the idea, but Raven tells him that she'll fall in love with him again, and they'll re-live that infatuation one more time. However, when Raven wakes up from her reversal, she doesn't fall in love with Strat right away (she doesn't know who he is), but instead falls in love with the more reckless leader of the movement against aging people, believing his propaganda that aging people are a threat against "The Lost", by ruining their way of life. Strat has to win Raven back by proving that the movement leader - not the aging people - is the enemy. In the process, Raven gradually remembers why she fell in love with Strat in the first place, and towards the end, recognizes that she's been "drinking poison water from the fountain of youth". Strat forgives her, and they both agree that "Loving You's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It". I am still thinking a possible ending.

> Perhaps the topic's been covered already, but what does
> people feel about "Bad For Good The Musical"? A sequal
> taking place at least 30 years or so after "Bat Out Of
> Hell". Will Strat still love Raven despite the passage of
> time? I think there are a lot of songs that could work
> well (especially "The Future Just Ain't What It Used To
> Be"), plus there wouldn't need to be as many hits in it
> since "Bat Out Of Hell" has been such a big success. As
> for the plot, I think it would be intriguing if The Lost
> actually became the majority - now there's a world
> populated mostly by 18 year olds who never grew old, and
> aging people are a minority. Within this world, different
> movements are occurring, mostly divided by those who think
> aging people are "freaks" and those who remember the days
> when The Lost were the outcasts. In the middle of this
> conflict, Strat and Raven struggle with their relationship
> both emotionally and physically, as the tensions around
> them are rising between the new world and the world they
> recall from their younger days. Raven could even be given
> the opportunity to reverse to her 18-year old self, but it
> would involve some major personal and/or moral sacrifice.

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