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re: Frank Wildhorn and Jim

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steven_stuart 09:23 pm UTC 04/30/21
In reply to: re: Frank Wildhorn and Jim - rockfenris2005 05:08 pm UTC 04/30/21

So do you think Frank not having a West End show is because of all of his Broadway flops? It doesn't seem to have stopped him everywhere else. Of course Jim had a disaster with DOTV on Broadway but even if that had happened before Whistle Down The Wind in the West End, I think that Andrew Lloyd Webber would have still wanted to work with him on that show. BOOH went into the West End after DOTV Broadway. Tanz might still happen in the West End. But I guess in the case of Frank, he had many Broadway flops. Although, didn't Jekyll & Hyde do quite well? But how did he get so many Broadway chances and no West End chances? Of course I hope that Jim gets more Broadway chances. Why didn't Whistle play Broadway? Do you think BOOH will get there? I am really happy that Tanz is the most popular show in European history. Correct me if I am wrong.

> He's really done so well over there, and all throughout
> Europe and Asia, but his track record on Broadway has been
> abysmal. I don't really understand what went wrong there,
> or why the shows didn't connect with people, especially
> "Bonnie & Clyde" which from memory was actually pretty
> good, but there you go. Those audiences don't get it?
> There are plenty of audiences who do. The best Frank
> Wildhorn project for me is "The Civil War". It's a very
> moving experience, of course I'm only judging by the
> Complete Work album he did in the 90s which was all stars
> from the Nashville music scene, and musical theatre actors
> who came together to make the album.
> Yes, Frank is definitely more prolific, BUT he's been
> known to recycle some of his music too, hehe, although not
> as much as Jim.
> I totally think Tanz should happen on the West End too.
> > Frank is huge in South Korea. As you say. His Jekyll &
> > Hyde is the most successful show in their history. Cameron
> > Mackintosh went to great trouble to have Phantom and Les
> > Mis translated into Korean. They were big expensive
> > productions but they didn't do nearly as well as Jekyll &
> > Hyde. I can't understand why no Frank show has ever played
> > the West End. I think that Jim is the more unique writer
> > of the two but Frank is so amazingly prolific. But Jim has
> > had BOOH, Whistle Down The Wind and Footloose in the West
> > End. From your Batman website, I got a really good idea
> > about what Jim's Batman musical might have been like. Its
> > such a shame that Warners pulled the plug because that
> > could have lasted ten years in the West End. Of course the
> > one I am really hoping for as far as the West End goes is
> > Tanz. I know that it didn't work on Broadway but it could
> > work here.

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