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A Song is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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rockfenris2005 06:57 am UTC 05/01/21

Let's have a look at Jim's recycling. "I've written one song in my life but it's full of lots of movements and about 200 hours long."

The Dream Engine (1969)

1. The Invocation and Formation of the Tribe (Come in the Night) --- the verses become 'Turn around bright eyes' in 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.

2. Who Needs the Young? --- the music for the choruses reappear in the crypt scene from 'Tanz der Vampire'.

3. Hymn to Fire (When Your City's Burning) --- the intro is 'The Storm' from 'Bad for Good'. Much of this music also appears in the 'Instrumental' from 'Kid Champion'.

4. Entr'acte --- the first section becomes the intro for 'Stark Raving Love', the second section is the music from 'Happy Ending' Jim's first released song, and the last section is the music for the second half of 'Bad for Good'.

5. Mother River Song --- this was based on 'Song of the Ganges River' from 'A Man's A Man', the first score Jim wrote at Amherst in 1968. The middle section becomes the dance music for 'Give me the Simple Life' from 'More Than You Deserve'.

6. Song of the Dream Engine (Hear the Screams) --- see the last section of 4. Entr'acte.

7. The Revolution in Music --- reappears as 'The Annihilation' in 'Neverland'.

The Good Woman of Setzuan (1971)

8. The Water Seller Song --- the intro music is reused as the beginning of 'City Night' from 'Neverland'

9. Smoke Song --- the music for the choruses is 'And I need all the love I can get' from Jim and Andrew Eldritch's 'More'

10. Song of the Gods --- the music becomes 'Great Boleros of Fire' and then 'Eternity' from 'Tanz der Vampire'.

More Than You Deserve (1973):

11. Give me the Simple Life --- see 5. Mother River Song.

12. Could she be the One? --- the music of the middle section is 'Souvenirs', a demo from this musical later recorded on 'Braver Than We Are'.

13. Come With Me... We Know Love --- the music reappears in 'At the Castle' from 'Tanz der Vampire'. Fragments of the music also appear in 'For Crying Out Loud', 'Left in the Dark', 'The Future Ain't What it Used to Be' and 'Carpe Noctem'.

14. Song of the City of Hope --- the music becomes 'Lost Boys and Golden Girls'. The music also appears in the film score for 'A Small Circle of Friends' and Rory's demo of 'Vaults of Heaven (Her Hymn)'.

15. Go, Go, Go Guerrillas --- parts of the music are reused in 'Wonderful Toys' from 'Batman'.

16. If Only --- the title is reused for 'Whistle down the Wind'. The music for the choruses is the 'Carpe Noctem' lines in 'Carpe Noctem'.

17. Song of the Golden Egg --- similar to parts of the pre-chorus from 'Nocturnally Yours' in 'The Confidence Man', the chorus music also turns up in 'God has Left the Building' from 'Dance of the Vampires'.

Rhinegold (1973)

18. Godz --- the first section becomes the intro for 'All Revved Up' in 'Neverland'. Part of these lyrics wind up in 'Tonight is What it Means to be Young'.

19. Chinkachain --- much of the music reappears in the Kid Champion 'Instrumental' as well as 'The Hunt' from 'Neverland'. It also appears in the instrumental for 'Graveyard Shift' from 'Batman'.

20. Who'd do the Dirty? --- some of the music appears in the Kid Champion 'Instrumental'.

21. Master of the Earth --- the middle section contains music that appeared in 'The Hunt' as well as 'Pain Humbles' in 'The Confidence Man', 'Catwoman's Song' in 'Batman' and the second part of 'The Storm'.

22. Hushabye --- the music is very similar to the first section of 'Come With Me... We Know Love'.

23. Rainbow --- this entire song became half of 'Song of the City of Hope' in the main production of 'More Than You Deserve'. It sounds like Meat Loaf is singing backing vocals on the demo. Also, see 14. Song of the City of Hope.

Yvonne Elliman: Food of Love (1973)

24. Happy Ending --- see 4. Entr'acte.

Bloodshot Wine (1975)

25. Private of Privates --- the intro is similar to 'Death is Such an Odd Thing' from 'Tanz der Vampire'. The music for the last section appears again in 'All Revved Up' in 'Neverland' and even the middle section of 'Holding out for a Hero'.

The Confidence Man (1977)

26. New Orleans is Comin' to Me --- the music becomes 'The Future Ain't What it Used to Be' from Pandora's Box: Original Sin (1989). Also, see 13. Come With Me...

27. Melville's Theme --- the music is all of the verses from 'It Just Won't Quit'.

28. Edging into Darkness --- the music for the first section is 'Hear the Screams' from 'Dream Engine' which becomes the music for the second part of 'Bad for Good', and later 'Graveyard Shift' from 'Batman'. Music for the second section sounds like the chorus to 'Bat out of Hell'. The last section is the riff of 'Making Love out of Nothing at All'. Jim came up with that at Amherst.

29. Nocturnally Yours --- the music for the opening and all of the verses reappears in the film score for 'A Small Circle of Friends'.

30. Pain Humbles --- see 21. Master of the Earth.

31. Sanctimonious Sambo --- the intro sounds like 'I'm Gonna Love her for Both of Us' from Dead Ringer (1981).

32. Milady --- the music reappears in 'A Small Circle of Friends' and 'Tanz der Vampire' as 'For Sarah'. It was also used in an unreleased song Jim wrote called 'Vaults of Heaven' (which has the same title as a song from 'Whistle down the Wind'.)

33. Something of this Masquerade May Follow --- the intro music is the 'Dead Ringer' intro for 'More Than You Deserve', which is reused in 'The Future Ain't What it Used to Be'. The music for the choruses becomes the chorus for 'Braver Than We Are' (but only half of it.) That music was originally a song from Jim's score for a musical called 'Little Friend from Front Street' (I know very little about this one but Barry's mother was the director from memory).

Neverland (1977):

34. City Night --- the music reappears in 'At the Castle' from 'Tanz der Vampire'. It also appeared in the Kid Champion 'Instrumental'.

35. Dance in my Pants --- this is the same song from 'Bad for Good', but it actually had some different lyrics (Barry said this).

Meat Loaf: Bat out of Hell (1977)

36. You Took the Words Right out of my Mouth (Hot Summer Night) --- the music for "It was a hot summer night..." is also part of the choruses for 'Read 'em and Weep'.

37. Two out of Three Ain't Bad --- parts of this is supposed to be the middle section of 'Lost Boys and Golden Girls'. I've never tried it.

38. For Crying out Loud --- see 13. Come With Me... Jim reused the verses in one of the versions of his song 'A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste'.

Michael Simmons: Delta House Theme (1979)

39. Delta House --- the music becomes 'Dead Ringer for Love', and was also used in one of the songs from the 'Cry-Baby' demos called 'I Don't Have Enough Middle Fingers for You'.

Jim Steinman: Bad for Good (1981)

40. Stark Raving Love --- the music originally comes from 'Dream Engine' Entr'acte. The riff is later reused for 'Holding out for a Hero'.

41. Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire) --- the riff is reused in one of the versions of 'A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste' and you can hear it on both Rory's demo and the Everly Brothers version which was released in 2005.

42. Surf's up --- the intro becomes the instrumental for 'The Future Ain't What it Used to Be'. The music behind the verses becomes 'Objects in the Rear View Mirror' from Bat out of Hell II.

43. Left in the Dark --- much of the music comes from Jim's earlier song 'Souvenirs'. See 13. Come With Me...

Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer (1981)

44. I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back --- the very last verses are similar to the climax of 'Confession of a Vampire' from Tanz.

Bonnie Tyler: Faster Than the Speed of Night (1983)

45. Faster Than the Speed of Night --- Holly's wail at the end is the same one Rory does on the demo for 'I'm Gonna Love Her' from Dead Ringer.

Streets of Fire (1984)

46. Nowhere Fast --- the riff is from 'The Storm'. The last section quotes 'God speed' from 'Bad for Good' which also turns up in 'Graveyard Shift' from Batman.

47. Tonight is What it Means to be Young --- the music and some of the lyrics becomes 'Dance of the Vampires' from 'Tanz'.

The Wrestling Album (1985)

48. Hulk Hogan's Theme --- the music and the track is 'Ravishing' from Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire.

Bonnie Tyler: Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire (1986)

49. Loving You's a Dirty Job (But Somebody's Gotta do it) --- the music for the song was built around a theme Jim wrote for 'A Small Circle of Friends'.

50. Rebel Without a Clue --- the intro is similar to 'Took the Words'. Fragments of the music reappeared in one of the versions of 'A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste'. A variation on some of the lyrics appeared in another version of 'A Kiss'. Jim was trying to reuse this song for some reason.

The Everly Brothers: Some Hearts sessions (1987)

51. A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste --- see 41. Out of the Frying Pan. The title is reused for 'Whistle down the Wind'. Another version of this song was recorded as a demo by Gina Taylor where the verses are completely rewritten, and see 50. Rebel Without a Clue.

Pandora's Box: Original Sin (1989)

52. Original Sin --- the music is reused in 'God is Dead' from 'Tanz'. It's a major theme in the score.

53. Safe Sex --- the music behind 'We'll never be as young as this...' reappears in 'What Part of my Body Hurts the Most?'

54. The Opening of the Box --- it's literally the second part of 'The Storm', same recording.

The Sisters of Mercy: Vision Thing (1990)

55. More --- the chorus is reused in 'Catwoman's Song' from Batman.

Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell (1993)

56. I'd do Anything for Love (But I Won't do That) --- this was a line Jim said ten years earlier in a song for Bonnie Tyler called 'Getting so Excited'.

57. Objects in the Rear View Mirror --- the music becomes 'Confession of a Vampire' from Tanz.

58. Everything Louder than Everything Else --- this is built around the opening music from 'Nowhere Fast', but not the riff part from 'The Storm'.

59. Good Girls go to Heaven (Bad Girls go Everywhere) --- the new riff for this version reappears in 'Carpe Noctem'.

60. Back into Hell --- see above.

Whistle down the Wind (1996-98)

61. Vaults of Heaven --- the title is reused from an unreleased Jim song.

62. Whistle down the Wind --- there are some lines from 'The Future' in this, which also reappear in 'Cry to Heaven'.

63. Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts --- the title is developed from a line in 'Peel Out' from Dead Ringer.

64. If Only --- see 16. If Only.

65. A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste --- see 51. A Kiss...

66. The Soliloquy aka Unsettled Scores --- again, some lines from 'The Future'.

67. Nature of the Beast --- the lyrics are similar to a lyric Jim wrote for Bat out of Hell 2100 called 'In the Underbelly of the Beast'.

Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love sessions (1997)

68. Is Nothing Sacred --- the music behind the verses is reused in 'Angels Arise' and 'Cry to Heaven'.

Batman (2000-02):

69. (Vespers) Angels Arise --- parts of this song are developed into 'Angels Arise' from the American production of 'Tanz'.

70. Graveyard Shift --- this is built around the music from 'Hear the Screams', second half of 'Bad for Good' etc.

71. In the Land of the Pig the Butcher is King --- the chorus was a lyric in Jim's 1971 draft of 'Dream Engine'.

Garbo (2002):

72. City of Black and White --- the music is built from a theme from 'A Small Circle of Friends'.

73. Dark Night of the Soul --- this is a new song, but with fragments of the middle section of 'Mother River Song' and 'Nocturnally Yours'.

Meat Loaf: Braver Than We Are (2016):

74. Speaking in Tongues --- a part of the music also appears in 'The Future', the bit at the end of the choruses.

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