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rockfenris2005 02:59 pm UTC 05/07/21
In reply to: Jim And Meat - steven_stuart 07:13 pm UTC 05/03/21

For sure. It was "Bat out of Hell" that exposed them, which is now one of the biggest selling rock albums of all time. It's sold in excess of 50 million copies. Sure, Meat had already done "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", but that's the album that consolidated his success and made him into a rock and roll legend, although he wouldn't like people saying that. He wants to be thought of as a person he says, and not a legend or a star. In therapy he had to try and deal with this because he struggled with that. He didn't want to be a "star".

Then because of "Bat", that's what exposes Jim to Bonnie Tyler, and the combination of "Bat" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is what fires off the rest of Jim's career. Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to work with him on "Phantom" because of those things. Michael Kunze wanted to work with him on "Tanz" because he was a fan of his pop work, which as everyone knows is really theatrical and operatic, ideal for a musical. Then "Bat II" gave them both their second wind. Meat had had a rough time in the 80s. "Pandora's Box" had not been a commercial success for Jim. They would have been aware that they were taking a considerable risk with "Bat II", and it worked. Now THAT'S sold like 25 million copies now. The sequel has sold half the amount of the original album, which is really cool. I wonder how many times that's happened with a sequel album before.

Meat and Jim were permanently bonded to one another in some form, no matter where their careers took them, and when they were both unwell they did "Braver Than We Are" together. But just knowing someone for that amount of time, let alone all of the things they went through in the industry together, and apart, I can't imagine what it's like right now.

> Of course Jim's death has been awful for Meat. Its really
> bad for us the fans but as you correctly point out it must
> be even worse for Meat. They were like brothers. Even when
> they were fighting. But no matter what happened, Meat
> always managed to make up with Jim. Meat and Bonnie were
> always loyal and always acknowleged Jim's genius. To me
> they are the two great Steinman artists. I know there are
> others like Celine Dion but they were different. In my
> opinion. I am actually quite worried about Meat. He said
> that he might die this year too and his health is not
> good. There was nothing quite like the Jim and Meat
> collaboration. Like Simon and Garfunkel. Both did very
> interesting things without each other but together they
> were magic.
> > Just listening to JS and Meat's songs. What he must be
> > going through must be so hard right now.
> > For us fans is heard too but he just lost his best friend
> > and
> >
> > I feel for ML I really do and all his family/friends.
> > Here's what I like about Steinman penned songs
> > he always had real emotion in the lyrics, the songs were
> > just epic rock n roll with a twist of the operatic in the
> > songs going from A3 To A Flat ranger is amazing
> >
> > I wonder if meat loaf and bonnie tyler would team up and
> > sing that duet 'Loving you's a dirty job but somebody's
> > gotta do it' that would be just so amazing
> > Let's all join together and celebrate the life of a true
> > Maestro genius Jim Steinman.
> > R.I.P. J. S

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