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rockfenris2005 01:24 pm UTC 05/10/21
In reply to: re: Bat III - steven_stuart 12:06 pm UTC 05/10/21

It's my understanding that Jim couldn't say anything negative while they were promoting the album. After that, when Meat was putting out "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" which was four years after, THAT'S when we started finding out that he was really unhappy with the whole thing, and he's been vocal about it more or less ever since. He even ended up saying as far as he was concerned, there was no Bat 3. There have been a few comments from producer Desmond Child as well, who said he had been unhappy working on the album too.

In 2016, Jim referred to "Monster is Loose" (instead of "Bat III: The Monster is Loose") as that "damnable shit fest" on social media which was the only time I ever saw him talk about it like that publicly.

Beyond that, I don't know or I don't remember.

It probably was all about the managers. Poor Meat, because you can imagine the record company as soon as they get a whiff that Meat wants to make Bat III, imagine how much you'd want him to put something like that out, because of how much money you could make off it. It's this massive franchise. Meat under any circumstances couldn't just back out of a record deal, lightly, but then you put Bat III into the situation, and oh boy. I feel like he was stuck and there was nothing he could do really but to try and make the most of things and hope that they would work, but Jim was already not going to be involved, Desmond changed things that Meat wouldn't have done originally (he said there'd be eight songs and three other ones by non-writers, which I think is what he had in mind as opposed to what we actually got), and then Patti didn't get the big single duet. It was a mess.

Thank God they did "Braver" together.

> Did Jim agree not to say anything public as part of the
> agreement that ended the lawsuits which gave Jim the right
> to do a BOOH show and Meat the right to do a BOOH 3 album?
> I seem to remember that Meat was the first one of the two
> to start saying anything really negative about BOOH 3.
> Although I could be wrong and maybe Ryan The Historian
> could tell us exactly what happened as far as all of that
> goes. When Jim died, Meat said that he and Jim never sued
> each other. He said only their managers sued.
> > I remember based on the blog and messages here that
> > Steinman had an order not to comment negatively on Bat 3
> > (in public)
> >
> > Does anyone have his true (candid) opinions on the album?
> >
> > Not meaning to be insensitive. But the gossip in me has
> > always felt that Jim did not do well being gagged.

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