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re: About Meat and Possible new music May be do the tracks he wanted to previously like staring at the sun until you go blind by Jim :)

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rockfenris2005 04:09 pm UTC 05/12/21
In reply to: re: About Meat and Possible new music May be do the tracks he wanted to previously like staring at t ... - Evan 12:59 pm UTC 05/12/21

I think what's so different about that album is he's singing in a lower range. He's never really done that all that much before. There was "Original Sin" and "Home by Now", and the middle bit of "Everything Louder", but that was just about it IIRC. A friend of mine always thought they were making him sing out of his range, like "Midnight at the Lost and Found" most of the album is too high for him. Really, it's no wonder he has difficulties with his voice. Not to mention Jim's songs, where you have to hit three high C's at the end of "Bat". When I sang that live, it was lowered for me. I couldn't do it. It was so hard sustaining that. Believe me, I have enormous respect for him, plus inhabiting the songs on top of that, where he loses himself in the characters.

Plus he said he was trying to play this character, of an angry nineteen year old guy. He's really pissed off. That's why he says "Only When I Feel" sounds so weird vocally. He could have done it the other way, but he was too invested in the character.

Add his age to the equation, and these are still Jim's songs, and I don't think he's all that well around this time either. His back became a huge problem after that. I heard a bit of him singing once and thought he sounded better than he did on "Braver". I feel like---if he does make another---some people will be expecting "Braver 2", vocals wise, but we'll be surprised. He'll be singing higher again, and he'll have more of that vibrato-sound from when he was younger. I heard that coming through again in whatever I heard.

Please, though, can we not stuff up the mix of the album this time? I really don't like that about "Braver".

> I love the idea of Meat recording anything new. I kind of
> assumed Braver would be it. He idea of new music is really
> stimulating. Also, thank you for making mention of his
> performance in Nashville recently,. I had no idea and it
> was very fun to watch.
> > Those sorts of songs and if he is up to it of course I
> > would pnly want him to recor a new album only if he is
> > able health wise he soudned pretty good at Nashville gig
> > when he sung Johnny be good he looks terrific much beter
> > than he did few Years ago anyways I was playing around
> > with ideas of what ML Could do
> > I think that be fun option of rhim
> > Now people are constantly revieiwng his singing on BTWA in
> > websites boards etc and I think the change in his voice is
> > due to the fact he's no longer a oyounger guy people's
> > voices changes over time
> > I think Jim had a lot of input on BTWA and I am so glad
> > and happy they relased that.
> > I think Bonnie and meat and others should team up and do a
> > memory Tribute album for Jim if everyone was up to it I
> > think it could be incredible
> > If Meat wasn't up to touring he could do like one off
> > special concert sitting down like the storytellers gig I
> > did mention this to him few weeks
> > back and he answered my fb Messenger and said he was
> > ''thrilled with my idea'' and ''excited at such a
> > wonderful idea'' and would ''consider it'' and he
> > ''thanked me a lot'' for the ideas of what he could do
> > with a future project
> > He liked all the ideas I presented him with in messages.
> > He is very good with us fans.
> > His voice has changed but I think he still sounds
> > incredible!His reply to my btwa review was ''Finally
> > somebody who get's it. Me and Jim agree with you '' I was
> > Thrilled to get that reply :)
> > ~Neverland fan.
> >
> >
> > Let me know your thoughts about tis idea I had!
> >

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