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re: Possible ideas for Jim Tribute :) Just thinking! :)

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neverlandfan 08:56 am UTC 05/17/21
In reply to: re: Possible ideas for Jim Tribute :) Just thinking! :) - rockfenris2005 10:18 pm UTC 05/16/21

> I think an "easier" way to do it at this point --- rather
> than dealing with all of the different record companies
> --- is if Meat, Bonnie, Celine, Andrew Lloyd Webber etc.
> all got together to put on a concert, maybe at the Royal
> Albert Hall, maybe at the New York Shakespeare Festival
> later this year on Jim's birthday, and released a concert
> CD/DVD, and then they all come together at the end to sing
> "We're Still the Children", finally releasing the song.
> Also, might I suggest Meat and Bonnie sing duets of "Total
> Eclipse" and "Loving You's a Dirty Job" together. Celine
> and Meat could do a duet of "I'd do Anything for Love".
> There's plenty of potential for moments like that.
> > As a Tribute to Jim I've been thinking why don't the
> > singers who worked with Jim like Meat and the dream engine
> > cast do another over the top performance with some of his
> > songs as a way around doing the Tribute for him That was a
> > good question Steven what you asked Ryan I was wondering
> > too about all the different recording companies. I just
> > hope and wish they will put on a show or relase some kind
> > of Tribute Jim was such amazing incredible guy and genius
> > composer and I think everyone should try and do a Tribute
> > for him
> > I am full of ideas Meat did like all my ideas he says I'd
> > make an excellent creative consultant lol
> > I am pretty good at coming up with creative ideas he said
> > your good at brainstorming Jimmy was too.
> > Ty guy's let e know your thoughts like a Dream engine 2
> > kinda thing or with the words 'An evening with the Lord of
> > Excess Jim Steinman A Tribute' something like that in the
> > title for the show.
> > Just thinking, I hope they do a Tribute of some kind.
> > I still can't quite take it in that J.Steinman is gone.
> > Gone but never forgotten. R.I.P. Jim Steinman.

Great idea Ryan I have another question how come does no one ever talk about Patti Russo anymore here or Mlukfc it's like she vanished off te face of the earth I know she got fired unfortunately but still her vocals are always great for Steinman music and her and Meat had their differences I think they are ok now I think it was the managers who fired her not sure the ins and outs of it but I think she was incredible member of the neverland express and she was there at the night at Jim's table songwriters hall of fame. he said in the 2003 interview ''the girl he's got now is great'' I am so glad he liked her singing she is just perfect for his music wondering how come everyone like doesn't talk about her she was big part of meat's career really if you think about it
let e know your thoughts thanks Ryan and everyone great group of people here.
we all need to stay together and share Jim's music forever/ Ty all.

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