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re: Possible ideas for Jim Tribute :) Just thinking! :)

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leanne_stedman 01:17 pm UTC 05/18/21
In reply to: re: Possible ideas for Jim Tribute :) Just thinking! :) - neverlandfan 01:46 pm UTC 05/17/21

I hadn't known that Jim was so ill. I wasn't a member of any fan clubs or FB groups and the last photos I had seen of him were from the Songwriter's Hall of Fame night and he looked fine. I had been extremely busy with a major career change and the past 8 or 9 years seem to have slid by really quickly. I guess I just assumed he was enjoying life and would live forever. I didn't make the connection between the fact that I was getting older (I haven't felt it) and the fact that he would have been getting older too. So when I saw on the news that he had passed, it was a terrible, deep shock. I've been feeling incredibly guilty at being a bad fan and not knowing.

My relationship with Jim through his music always felt like a very deep and personal one, so it didn't occur to me to seek out other fans until after he had passed and I was reeling, needing support. It is great to be with people who understand and it has been helping enormously.

I've always been extremely bad at meeting my idols - I get nervous almost to the point of vomiting 😄 - and Jim was my most important idol by a factor of about a million, so I would have been absolutely guaranteed to fuck it up. But now it has hit me like a brick that I should have tried anyway - I should have done everything I possibly could to meet him. Because now that chance of meeting him has gone from one in a million or whatever, to zero. So now I'm processing the loss of that chance as well.

Yes, we still have him with us through his music and we will always have that. That will carry us through. But until now I have never known the world without Jim Steinman physically present in it somewhere, whether I happened to be thinking about him at the time or not, and I think coming to terms with that reality is going to take me a really long time.

I'm sorry that this post turned out to be so long and self-indulgent (though tbf this would be a Post-it-note for Jim 😊)


> I know exactly what you are saying me too. And about
> closer I know how you feel. I know we don't know anything
> but we have his music which is Jim's enormous Legacy. I
> only hope they do release in some way a Tribute whether
> show or cd. I was glad that Bonnie did that lovely Tribute
> for her music mentor and friend Jim Steinman and she said
> it was an honour to say his name--- I started crying at
> that part! I know what you mean about crying omg me too
> sad times.
> The way I think about this one is Jim is home in Neverland
> :)
> Only way for me to think about it--- I know he'd been ill
> for sometime so it's just hard to explain I guess.
> You guy's are cheering me up tho thank you everyone.
> Rest In Peace Jim Steinman.
> Ty Leanne

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