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re: Songs left over from bat 3 and others

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rockfenris2005 12:11 am UTC 05/25/21
In reply to: re: Songs left over from bat 3 and others - steven_stuart 08:52 pm UTC 05/24/21

Honestly, it doesn't bother me anymore. I wish Meat had recorded it in 2005 for Jim, on a real Bat 3.

> I hope the same thing. Body is the one song I really want
> Meat to record. I think it would be the perfect last Jim
> song for him to record and it would actually suit the way
> his vocal is now. I don't know about record companies.
> Amazing that an icon can have a problem with that. Who
> released Braver?
> > I hope that we finally hear Meat record Body. I just donít
> > know if a record company will go for it. Heís gotten older
> > and itís difficult to try and predict whether any company
> > will think they could have success with a release. I hope
> > it happens, though. I just to wonder why the roads to Bat
> > album changed to a 5 track EP unless it was really just
> > Meat himself who felt he wasnít up to the demands of
> > recording an entire full length album.
> >
> > Iím curious about other leftovers from the vaults of
> > steinman. Is there a vault? Iím imagining something left
> > behind like Prince. Not necessarily full length albums
> > that he decided not to release for whatever reason but
> > more particularly, individual songs recorded but held off
> > due to not fitting with a particular albums theme.
> > Something such as, Roryís Vaults of Heaven would be a
> > great example.
> >
> > There has to be something. Song demos maybe even featuring
> > Jim. Songs that he never completed. Even song lyrics. Iíd
> > settle for a release of just the lyrics to the song
> > Paradise Lost. They just exist. The biggest question is
> > will these things get lost during time? Also, who holds
> > the key? Didnít Jimís manager shut him down from blogging
> > years ago? Does he home the key? Does Jacqueline hold the
> > key? I just want to hear something never heard or read and
> > be mesmerized one last time.
> >
> > > I am wondering if people like meat will ever release
> > > stuff that has been like what they call left overs from
> > > projects now h's gone I am wondering if this will be done
> > > how cool would e to hear tracks un heard of what's the
> > > likelihood well how long is a piece of string comes to my
> > > mind. lol but wouldn't it be Fab to have these songs
> > > released. your thoughts?......
> > > P.S I still cannot find the bat Emoji lol lol

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