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re: What about Jim Tributes On Rockman/In some way ideas?.... :)

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Evan 11:10 am UTC 05/27/21
In reply to: re: What about Jim Tributes On Rockman/In some way ideas?.... :) - neverlandfan 08:22 am UTC 05/26/21

I never made it to Facebook as I feel itís too revealing. This message board was better for me and is still so dear to my heart. I hope it keeps busy! Just out of curiosity, is the rock man Facebook site busy? Iíve never actually been on that one and am curious what theyíre discussing. Does it get more actions than this board? Did all the old posters switch over?

> > The Nothing But A Merciless Night albums were the ultimate
> > Jim tribute albums. I donít see this site being able to
> > produce anything close in its current state. Sometimes it
> > feels like itís only 5 or 6 of us, unfortunately. I donít
> > know if you meant a physical recording or people posting
> > memories. Personally, I check this message board every day
> > and try and post at least every few days to keep it
> > revived in a way. I think thatís a nice tribute to Jim as
> > this board was so crucial to his history. I hope weíre all
> > able to keep it going. I just fear that with Jim gone
> > weíll eventually run out of things to discuss, although I
> > hope it never comes to that. Youíre definitely one of, if
> > not, the most passionate poster and I really appreciate
> > it. I always look forward to reading your posts. I love
> > hearing about the chats you have with Meat.
> Ty Evan :) And I know what you mean about it feels like
> only five or six of us here it is getting busier which is
> great. Ty! I was just trying to come up with ideas for a
> Tribute I think if we all did some written Tribute/stories
> Maye be good diea?
> I talk with Meat regularly he's feeling much better and he
> thanked me for my continuous passion for ''Me and Jimmy's
> songs with fans like you makes me wanna do 13 bats now''
> what a generous compliment :)
> By the way Evan so long as I'm around/alive I will always
> have something to say about Jim no fear there :)
> lol
> lol
> Meat likes my dark sense of humour lol
> I've been a fan of Jim and Meat since I was 7 41 this year
> 35 years long and always will be a fan
> 35 years to quote doc brown from back to the future lol
> ''My God has it been that long!!''
> I know facebook has a rockman record I prefer this I'm old
> school message boards as they said about Shakespeare ''Are
> the very thing!!!'' all the youngsters I guess will be on
> facebook rockman.....
> I like message boards rather than social media platforms

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