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Hi, Keith here,

It's been a mad, mad week for Boyzone - starting off with a trip by Concorde to the States where we recorded one of their big TV shows called Rosie O'Donnell. She's like their female version of Gaybo and the Late Late Show.

Our single, No Matter What is now on the soundtrack of the Notting Hill movie, which features Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Rosie O'Donnell was doing a big feature on the movie and they asked us over to new York and perform on the show.

We were in the middle of rehearsals, so the only way we could do it was to hop on Concorde, which gets you there before you get time to sit in your seat!

MeatLoaf's partner Jim Steinman arranged the music and he also set us up with a band of session musicians, as everything in the States is live and we couldn't bring out our own backing group.

The whole thing worked very well for us and No Matter What is going to be released as a single in the States - we're hoping it will be the song to break us into the big time over there.

Afterwards we spent the afternoon in Manhattan before flying back on Tuesday. Ronan and Yvonne went to the London premier of Notting Hill this week and he hung out with Julia Roberts and Liz Hurely, lucky devil!
Ronan also has his solo single, When You Say Nothing At All, on the soundtrack of Notting Hill, so Boyzone are well represented on it. It's going to be a huge, huge movie.

Boyzone also found time to rehearse this week for the live tour, which will run for May 1 to July 1 and include that big Irish date at the RDS on Sunday, May 30th.

On Thursday evening we flew home to prepare for our final Late Late appearance with Uncle Gay.

We'll be on tour when the final Late Late Show goes out, so we got the chance to do it on Friday.

We did it because it's the show Boyzone started on and we were determined to make another appearance this season before Gaybo says, "Good luck!"
Pavarotti called us up this week and requested our presence in Rome after our big outdoor concert in Dublin.

The classical giant, a legendary figure, wants Boyzone to perform at a concert he's staging there.

It means we won't get the chance to party in Dublin after our show, but it's a great honour to be asked by Pavarotti to perform with him.

We'll be rehearsing all day with Pavarotti on the Monday after the Irish concert and then we'll do the show with him the following day.

We're really excited about our big gig with Pav - it's another big landmark in the history of Boyzone.

Friday was the first wedding anniversary of Ronan and Yvonne and the good lady surprised Ro by appearing on Tony Fenton's 2FM afternoon show to declare her love for him. Yvonne's request for Ronan was the Shania Twain hit, You're Still The One.

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