What A Pecker!

Bad For Good Album Review
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Bad For Good Cartoon : See text description below


Four-panel comic strip. Title: "IS THERE LIFE AFTER MEATLOAF???"

Jim Steinman - Bad For Good - (Cleveland International)


First Panel

Scenario: Two characters watching baseball on TV - one resembling the 1940s golden age comics superheroine Black Cat, and another named "Dr Oldie" - resembling an old-fashioned doctor wearing a head-mounted mirror.

Black Cat: "Guess what, Dr Oldie? Captain Carvel's special this week is an ice cream cake in the shape of a meatloaf."

Dr. Oldie: "What a crazy coincidence! Jim Steinman, the brains behind "Bat Out Of Hell," has only recently made his own vinyl vocal debut, and once again he's chosen the iffy realm of the rock musical"

Second Panel

Scenario: Two soldiers, resembling 20th century comedy characters Sgt. Bilko and Cpl. Rocco. Bilko is carrying a stack of items taller than himself.

Meanwhile, in a warehouse just outside New Jersey…

Rocco: No foolin' sarge, if we don't think fast we're gonna end up eating all the Steinman LP's. The kids just won't bite 'cause it's got no meatloaf!

Bilko: Let's see, we already threw in a bonus single. I've got it! We'll give away a free meatloaf joke book to the first 200,000 suckers

Third Panel

Scenario: Black Cat and Dr Oldie are still watching TV. A man wearing a baseball cap with a dollar sign on it is on TV.

Dr. Oldie: "Bad For Good" offers some dramatic mush that proves Jim is a determined schlockmeister. The obvious hit "Dance In My Pants" features a horney dialogue a la "Paradise By The Dashboard Light." Best of all, there's a genuinely funny parody of Jim Morrison's "The End" and "Horse Latitudes" all about a kid who kills with his guitar.

Phil Rizzuto (on TV): Hi! This is Phil Rizzuto for the Money Tree. For a limited time only, we're offering a free Jim Steinman album with every $400,000 loan.

Fourth (final) Panel

Scenario: Two soldiers, resembling 20th century comedy characters Sgt. Bilko and Pvt. Doberman.

Doberman: Here's one sarge, why did the meatloaf paint its ding-dong red?

Bilko: So he could hide in the strawberry patch, of course! We'll have to do better than that if we're gonna fill a whole book with meatloaf gags.


Phil Rizzuto "voice of the New York Yankees" performed the baseball commentary on Paradise By The Dashboard Light, and also used to regularly advertise loans for "The Money Store" on TV.