Dance of
the Vampires


Forever's Gonna Start Tonight


LOVE DUET - Sarah, Count von Krolock, and Vampire Ensemble

Sarah And The Count

Every now and then
I think I'd better run away from you
Before it's too late (...turn around...)

But every now and then
I know I must go where you lead me
I'd go with you through the gates
To hell (...turn around...)

Every now and then I know
There's no one in the universe
As magical and wondrous as you (...turn around...)

Every now and then I know
There's nothing any better
And there's nothing I just wouldn't do (...turn around bright eyes!...)

Be prepared Star Child!....In the great hall of the castle Sarah reconciles what was once just a fantasy with her new reality...Seduced by and embracing her inevitable indoctrination to this family...Sarah is entranced as Krolock makes his way down the staircase toward her...What has long been just a notion inside her is now a man before her...She willingly offers him her throat although he resists the urge to bite her there and then...

CARPE NOCTEM - Vampire Ensemble

Carpe Noctem

In the shadows of the castle
A hero's waiting for the call
And all the devils are waking up
And all the angels start to fall

In the shadows of the castle
We're dying for a thrill
We're going out beyond the edge
We're moving in for the kill

Alfred's Nightmare

You've got to curse the day
It's nothing but a merciless light
So open up your arms
And then you get down on your knees
You suck in all the darkness
And you're ready now to seize
Seize the night

Alfred and Professor have also made their way to the castle...They are welcomed by Count von Krolock who taunts Alfred...Given a room Professor sleeps soundly while Alfred is tormented by a nightmare that is a peculiar reflection of reality...In the dream he is a creature of the night...

FOR SARAH - Alfred

Sarah & Alfred In The Bath

There are ghosts in the air
A thousand eyes in the darkness
But I'll stay
With Sarah
Demons lurk everywhere
But however much they scare me
I will not be deterred

I'll be tough, I'll be sly
There is nothing I would not do or be
For Sarah
I will steal, I will lie
There's nothing I won't try
To free and save he

The following morning Alfred finds Sarah bathing in preparation of that evening's ball...He begs her to flee with him...His plea falls on deaf ears - she is dying to go to the ball...Bravely he swears that above fear and beyond doubt he will stay there too in the hope of saving her...

WHEN LOVE IS INSIDE YOU - Alfred and Herbert

Herbert Lusts For Alfred

(Alfred) Right
There'll be a glorious ball
Music and wine and
And we'll be dancing
My wildest dreams will come true
When I am close to you

(Herbert) Funny, I'm in love too
In love with...guess who
Yes, Alfred, with you!
Love is inside you
You've got to set it free
Love is inside you
You've got to let it...

Love is in the air...Just as Alfred has his heart set on Sarah, Herbert (Krolock's gay son) has his sights set on Alfred...The smitten Herbert waltzes with an unwilling Alfred singing a song of love and longing...Herbert's attempt to draw blood from the young man is thwarted by the arrival of Professor Abronsius...

HEY HO PROFESSOR - Count von Krolock and Professor Abronsius

(von Krolock) Hey, Ho, Hey! Yes, dead certain Professor!
Just one bite and you will succumb
Curiosity's deadly, Professor
What you study you must become

(Abronsius)You underestimate the power of science, von Krolock. I shall put you in alcohol and store you in my collection of rare objects. Never again will you strike terror into people's hearts, except in Gothic novels!

(von Krolock) I'm on your side, I promise you, Alfred
Everything will turn out fine

(Abronsius) Alfred's fighting you!

(von Krolock) You're mistaken, Professor
You have lost him. His soul is mine!

Inside the family crypt...The mission to drive stakes through the hearts of Krolock and Herbert has failed primarily because Alfred is unable to commit the act...Soon after they are confronted by Krolock who again takes the opportunity to remind Alfred that the battle for his soul is already complete and that he is the victor...

ETERNITY - Vampire Ensemble

Is a horrible nuisance
We're treading the treadmill
That keeps moving on
No future, no past
Just recurring recurrence
The Vampires Awake No salvation, no goal
In the asshole
Of eternity
Crawling out
Of the pit
We all fart
And we shit
On eternity

Open the gates
To the abyss of horror!
Let's teach the humans
Who's ruling the world
Let's tether their souls
With revulsion and terror
Let them feel the power
And the glory
Glory of Hell!

In throngs the vampires crawl from their coffins...Cursing the redundancy of their existence and eager to devour...

SOLILOQUY - Count von Krolock

She never knew
My soul was cursed for good
I fought to overcome my thirst
I thought I could
But when I kissed her lips, it came over me
The beast in me ran wild

Each time I'd go for broke
I always killed
The thing for which I yearned
I want to be a flame
And turn to ashes
But I have never burned

Count von Krolock laments the truth of his being and makes a bleak prediction...Before the turn of the next millennium mankind, overcome by greed, will know only one god...The God Of Appetite....

THE BALL - Count von Krolock, Sarah and Vampire Ensemble

The Count's Ball

(von Krolock) Every end in Neverland
Is just another start
But will it ever be enough

(Vampires) You know that it'll never be enough
It's not enough
God knows we're never satisfied
We'll own the world
We're never gonna die
It's not enough
We'll never ever lose our appetite

(von Krolock) Things get better and better
As time passes by
I have told you I'll get her
It wasn't a lie
Look, I've got a nice surprise

Sarah At The Ball

Meet my pretty little belle of the night
Who's been waiting for her call
She deserves to get it all
At our midnight ball
She's sure to have the time of her life!

(Vampires) Oh, what a wonderful bite!
Forever's gonna start tonight!
Forever's gonna start tonight!

The moment has arrived!...Gathered for the ball Count von Krolock and his brethren are eager to proceed...Sarah is presented while a disguised Professor and Alfred wait for an opportunity to rescue her - a chance that comes only after she is willfully and gloriously bitten...They take hold of Sarah and run...

OUT ON THE FAR SIDE - Alfred and Sarah

Alfred Joins Sarah For Eternity

Bound to touch the sky
Flying high
Borne by dreams
That can't die

Out on the far side
Beyond the wildest
Out on the far side
Where life is
What it's meant to be
You and I
Will be free

Oblivious to what is happening around him, Professor Abronsius revels over the information he has unearthed about the existence of vampires...Sarah and Alfred sing of their born-again freedom...He believes all is well until the second she sinks her teeth into his neck...Once bitten the couple takes off to begin a life that will know no end...

FINALE - Vampire Ensemble

Let the revels begin
Let the fire be started
This world is for the reckless
And the stony-hearted

We drink your blood and then we eat your soul
Nothing's gonna stop us
Let the bad times roll!
We drink your blood and then we eat your soul
Nothing's gonna stop us
Let the bad times roll!

The Vampires Dance

Success! Their numbers have grown...The vampires dance!

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