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re: New Project Suggestion

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Scaramouche 04:50 am MST 01/20/07
In reply to: New Project Suggestion - John_Galt 07:35 pm MST 01/19/07

Jeez there are so many. Not sure about actual scenes, but...

1. An anti-war song inspired by Apocalypse Now, entitled

'I HATE the smell of napalm in the morning'

'Braver...' can then return to the 'overly-romantic' version we all love/prefer.

2. The ultimate ghost song inspired by Sixth Sense, entitled

'I See Dead People'

Incidentally, this is one of my favourite films, with some great 'jump out of your seat' moments (when the battered housewife first appears across the doorway for just a fleeting second, and the car crash victim at the car window). Subtle but brilliant scenes, and far more 'scary' than your gory horror (which I find pointless).

3. A song about sadness & wasted opportunity, inspired by Raging Bull, when Jake La Motta is staring in his dressing room mirror at the opening/end:

'I could've been a contender...'

4. A song of joy & excitement based on the scene in Amadeus, where Constanze hands Salieri some unheard Mozart masterpieces.

Brilliant scene, although Salieri is also saddled with the realisation of his own inabilities & mediocrity.

Kinda how I feel when I hear a new Steinman piece.

There are so many more!!

BTW - I think Highlander has been covered by Brian May's brilliant 'Who Wants To Live Forever'.

> Let's each choose a favorite scene from a movie or novel
> that has a special or interesting emotional dynamic and
> Jim can write a song inspired by it for the new album in
> which he collaborates with Darren, the artist featured in
> Pud's recent blog entry.
> The rules: Jim does lead sheets and piano arrangements
> only and may not spend more than 10 hours on any given
> song. Jim may not borrow from his existing work for this
> effort -- even if older materia would make this new work
> better... a likely possibility. The song has to be
> internally consistent with the theme: no dark and evil
> imagery just because it's cool if it isn't consistent.
> Here are my entries for screen moments:
> (1) The scene in the film adaptation of Shadowlands where
> CS Lewis, the intellectual's Christian, succombs to
> sorrow, curses God, questions his life's purpose, and
> looses faith after finding out that Joy has cancer.
> (2) The scene in Highlander where Connor's girlfriend
> unwillingly plunges a dagger into her boyfriend's heart
> only to realize in the next scene that she is making love
> to a god.
> (3) The scene in Ladyhawke where the two almost meet, but
> can't quite touch during the sunrise in the snow.
> (4) The scene in Goonies when our asthmatic adventurer is
> placed through cosmic accident into his older brother's
> shoes to experience Andy's nervous teenage desire without
> her realizing it.
> (5) The scene in Flatliners when Kevin Bacon's character
> is winded by a blow of guilt dealt from the little girl he
> taunted as a child.
> For those laughing, I understand that Jim wouldn't
> actually use any of the above as inspiration for new
> songs. I understand that our urgining him to write a few
> sketches for a Broadway crossover artist is not going to
> make a new album. Nevertheless, I believe in dreaming
> big... and the conversation which may follow on this board
> has potential. I'd love to hear everyone else's
> suggestions.
> -=John Galt=-

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