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re: Your heart is tryin' to rock, but it can barely beat at all !

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Scaramouche 08:35 am MST 01/23/07
In reply to: re: Your heart is tryin' to rock, but it can barely beat at all ! - Vin 08:14 am MST 01/23/07

I would also suggest that Meat had 'some' input on Bat 3, hence the average results.

Meat loves guitars, and a more generic, straight ahead rock approach, and you can hear that all over BAT 3. His own sonwriting is average at best, and he has no 'vision' or idea how to produce.

Plus the piano arrangements (of what there is) suck, and I've no idea why they used Matt Rollings (who is more of a country music session player), over Roy Bittan, Mark Alexander, or even a Broadway pianist.

From what I can gather, when Meat works with Jim, he has no, or very little input, and is effectively no more than a hired session singer.

I think Meat 'demanded' more involvement/input on Bat 3, and this may have had somehting to do with Jim not signing the 'richest production contract ever', that he apparently had been offered.

Desmond Child was apparently 'begging' ($$$$) Meat to do the record, and I guess Meat liked having all the 'power', this time round.

> Desmond's writing on Bat III really *is* unmemorable,
> particularly the lyrics. So unoriginal and uninspiring
> its ridiculous.
> As one of the few who supported the decision to use
> Desmond as a Stein-alternate, if indeed an alternate had
> to be used at all, I stand by my position that, based on
> his previous body of work, Desmond was one of only a few
> "name" producers that seemed like he could do the project
> some justice. Unfortunately, sometimes sound decisions
> yield poor or sub-par results, and only hindsight is
> 20/20.
> Like, Tom Brady throwing an easy pass to Reche Caldwell on
> the sidelines seems like a good move at the time, based on
> Reche's recent track record. You can only make decisions
> based on the info you have, unless you have yourself a
> Stone of Orthanc or something.
> Anyway, I really wanted to like Bat III, and I still do,
> in its own decent way, when I bother to play it. But as
> Smeg astutely pointed out a while back, there's just
> *nothing* about it that compels repeated listening.
> And now hindsight really makes me wish they had approached
> Paul O'Neil for the job, instead.
> >
> >
> > I said this the other day. I agree that Durkee and Jacobs
> > are by far the only Songwriters, other than steinman, that
> > Loaf should work with. Bad Attitude was a great album and
> > Loaf was in FINE vocals, perhaps his best vocal
> > performance on a album other than a BAT. Wonder what
> > would of happend if Loaf and Steinman Released a BAT III
> > in 85 and BAT III in 93... things would have been
> > different no doubt.
> >
> > Desmond really cracked his egg on this album. His writing
> > is unmemorable, his production is nausating and painful,
> > and Loafs vocals are noticably pasted together (where Jim
> > and Rink pasted them together but final product was smooth
> > as a cute baby's ass).
> >
> > -Justin
> >
> > > BTW - The Bad Attitude album is far superior to Bat 3,
> > > and, in lieu of Jim, Meat should have used Paul
> > > Jacobs/Sarah Durkee, instead of Desmond Child.
> > >
> > >

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