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Wagner 10:38 am MST 09/08/08

Just so you know, Justin, I appreciated all your friendship and support for many many years, as well as all of you @ Rockman. Its just very frustrating to know that "tedious" explanations of behind the scenes activities almost always results in negative reaction. Id LOVE to see WPOMBHTM get a gr8 release, but Im holding it for a hopefully gr8 BOOH musical-related CD, incorporating all the CLIMAXES and CONCLUSIONS, including BODY, CHILDREN, RIBBONS OF BLOOD, PARADISE LOST, and a few others, some really amazing. To be precise, ALL SONGWRITERS are "has beens" to the "consciously dying" record industry. And basically ALL ARTISTS too!
Its appalling. I never "ran" DREAM ENGINE, and no deal was gotten. I wasnt happy with the alternate idea of just releasing those demos on the web & hoping. Connected to the show, the 30th anniversary of BOOH: THE CLIMAX or THE FINAL AT BAT will definitely work, involving new versions of classic BOOH 1&2 songs, and ALL the brand newest songs, sung by many amazing artists and accompanied by an innovative eye opening TV show and a full graphic novel, among other things.(NO REASON Meat couldnt sing these too). THIS is how music is sold these days.
Im excited and working hard. Jacqueline herself had "reservations" about my reading, as she felt it was too "complex or intellectually challenging or too profound" (my words not hers) for the "PUNTERS" who just wanna have a rowdy good time!
I have always wanted more. (Jacqueline has NOT seen the DVDS and the reading had NO MUSIC! I think & Hope she'll be thrilled with them.)
Look, I know the impatience frustration and bleak negative feeling caused by NO NEWS. If I had written about the births of TANZ or WHISTLE, you'd have been appalled!

I can tell you that I think Freddie Mercury would have been appalled at WE WILL ROCK YOU. Its gr8 for what it is, but I bet he would've wanted more too.
Im trying to create it for me,all time, all audiences, and most especially, for YOU folks @ Rockman, to be honest! For you, Justin, because"we" go back a long way, and you Vin, ALL OF YOU, Scaramouche, who amazed me with his variations on RIBBONS OF BLOOD. Smeghead & Pudding ( that sounds like an obscene British dessert). Im working all the time! And, like laws and sausages, YOU DONT WANT TO SEE THE PROCESS OF CREATION!
I can write on the board now, so Ill read closely. I DID stop for awhile, cause you think you were bummed? Well I was too!! But the reading of DRAFT 1 of BOOH was, for me, the best thing I ever created, over ALL MY SONGS put together!!
Thats all I can say. And thanx to Barry Keating for directing it, Steve Rinkoff for providing the edited songs for the POST READING video, and Chris Bierlein, who brilliantly edited it and worked with me to CREATE A VIDEO THAT FITS FOR EVERY SONG FROM SCRATCH!!!!!! And David Sonenberg, whose idea the reading was! And Elva Corrie, my UK producer, who's working TIRELESSLY to raise money & put this all together!! She committed only this week to doing MY STORY & MY VISION & MY WORLD! Shes only pondering if theres a PERFECT writer for me to collaborate with, as SOME investors might be a bit "scared off".

That's all I can say.
You cant imagine how much you guys mean to me.
I do it all for me--but beyond that, for YOU.The audience. As Rink and I always joke, "IT'S ALL FOR THE KIDS".
And as old & infirm we may someday get,
WE'RE STILL THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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