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re: Beethoven's Last Night

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rockfenris2005 02:46 am MST 12/27/06
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Oh dear... here we go...

Cast (I admit, this is the fault of the director in most cases)

1) Michael Crawford - let's not go there
2) Rene Auberjonois - why does he play it so seriously? The Professor was a comedian in Vienna
3) Max Von Essen - Alfred is not meant to be brave, he's meant to be shy and timid. Max plays it like Raoul in Phantom bordering on Enjolras in Les Mis
4) Mandy Gonzalez - She belted everything and had no subtlety whatsoever. And what was with all the "clueless" American accents in Lower Belabartokovich, Transylvania?
5) Ron Orbach - Where did Tevye and "Fiddler on the Roof" go?
6) Leah Hocking - Magda is a refined maiden who never encourages Chagal's behaviour. In this show, she's played as the town slut. Leah really plays that up as well
7) Liz McCartney - How come Rebecca never has a moment alone?
8) Marc Price - What the fuck is the deal with this guy? Where did Koukol the hunchback go?
9) Asa Somers - What a lame offensive stereotype of gay people. Herbert in Germany was refined and subtle

Creative Team:

1) John Rando - Did this guy have any clue what he was doing whatsoever? A director is not supposed to have three shows at war with one another, he's not even supposed to have anything at war, everything is supposed to be unified

2) John Caraffa - He actually told the cast to dance whatever, "rock on", making up the moves, which is the reason why the choreography looks so shit

3) David Gallo - Wrong scenery for the wrong story. It looks like an innocent fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast", and it's too big in place of the stunning yet intimate scenery of Dudley

4) Ann Hould-Ward - Where's the subtlety? How come it looks like a Disney parade covered in vomit?

5) Ken Billington - A light-rape of the audience, sure.. that's artistic

6) Richard Ryan - Sound that completely deafens you

7) David Lawrence & Angelina Avallone - Hair & make-up, just as hideous and un-subtle as the costumes

8) Patrick Vaccarielo - How come everything sounded like a huge massive drum all the time, you could barely hear the other instruments. This guy was CONDUCTING!

9) Steve Margoshes - How come he let his beautiful orchestrations sound like the ear-rape they did on Broadway?

10) Michael Reed - How come he let his beautiful arrangements sound like the ear-rape they did on Broadway?

11) Bernard Telsey Casting - You idiots!

Minskoff Theatre -- Much too big a venue

December 2002 - Christmas and post 9/11

David Sonenberg - The moron who produced this piece of crap, not the only time he nearly ruined Jim's career.

The producers - Biggest bunch of hacks, Bob Boyett did fuck-all advertising for Webber's "The Woman In White" and it closed in a month. It would have ran at least a year and made it to the Tonys. This idiot also spent thousands and thousands on the commercial after everyone already knew DOTV was doomed from the bad reviews.

These producers were an assortment of hacks, an arrayment of amateurs

See, I can find nothing good to say about this production. The only good thing I can say is that it closed and did not risk the future of the masterpiece playing in Germany

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