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re: Beethoven's Last Night

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Pudding 03:47 am MST 12/27/06
In reply to: re: Beethoven's Last Night - rockfenris2005 02:46 am MST 12/27/06

The cast for the most (ignoring Crawford) part get told to play a certain role a certain way, the parts they were told to play they played them well. That in itself is a plus.

You might not like the adaptation, for which I agree, but to say it's 100% utter crap like what you did, is just 100% utter bullshit, and you're not giving credit where credit should be given, to those who did the very best job they did. Which counts for about 80% of the show.

Your narrow-mindedness, just like what it is for Bat3 and Meat Loaf, makes your arguments worthless.


> Oh dear... here we go...
> Cast (I admit, this is the fault of the director in most
> cases)
> 1) Michael Crawford - let's not go there
> 2) Rene Auberjonois - why does he play it so seriously?
> The Professor was a comedian in Vienna
> 3) Max Von Essen - Alfred is not meant to be brave, he's
> meant to be shy and timid. Max plays it like Raoul in
> Phantom bordering on Enjolras in Les Mis
> 4) Mandy Gonzalez - She belted everything and had no
> subtlety whatsoever. And what was with all the "clueless"
> American accents in Lower Belabartokovich, Transylvania?
> 5) Ron Orbach - Where did Tevye and "Fiddler on the Roof"
> go?
> 6) Leah Hocking - Magda is a refined maiden who never
> encourages Chagal's behaviour. In this show, she's played
> as the town slut. Leah really plays that up as well
> 7) Liz McCartney - How come Rebecca never has a moment
> alone?
> 8) Marc Price - What the fuck is the deal with this guy?
> Where did Koukol the hunchback go?
> 9) Asa Somers - What a lame offensive stereotype of gay
> people. Herbert in Germany was refined and subtle
> Creative Team:
> 1) John Rando - Did this guy have any clue what he was
> doing whatsoever? A director is not supposed to have three
> shows at war with one another, he's not even supposed to
> have anything at war, everything is supposed to be
> unified
> 2) John Caraffa - He actually told the cast to dance
> whatever, "rock on", making up the moves, which is the
> reason why the choreography looks so shit
> 3) David Gallo - Wrong scenery for the wrong story. It
> looks like an innocent fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast",
> and it's too big in place of the stunning yet intimate
> scenery of Dudley
> 4) Ann Hould-Ward - Where's the subtlety? How come it
> looks like a Disney parade covered in vomit?
> 5) Ken Billington - A light-rape of the audience, sure..
> that's artistic
> 6) Richard Ryan - Sound that completely deafens you
> 7) David Lawrence & Angelina Avallone - Hair & make-up,
> just as hideous and un-subtle as the costumes
> 8) Patrick Vaccarielo - How come everything sounded like a
> huge massive drum all the time, you could barely hear the
> other instruments. This guy was CONDUCTING!
> 9) Steve Margoshes - How come he let his beautiful
> orchestrations sound like the ear-rape they did on
> Broadway?
> 10) Michael Reed - How come he let his beautiful
> arrangements sound like the ear-rape they did on
> Broadway?
> 11) Bernard Telsey Casting - You idiots!
> Minskoff Theatre -- Much too big a venue
> December 2002 - Christmas and post 9/11
> David Sonenberg - The moron who produced this piece of
> crap, not the only time he nearly ruined Jim's career.
> The producers - Biggest bunch of hacks, Bob Boyett did
> fuck-all advertising for Webber's "The Woman In White" and
> it closed in a month. It would have ran at least a year
> and made it to the Tonys. This idiot also spent thousands
> and thousands on the commercial after everyone already
> knew DOTV was doomed from the bad reviews.
> These producers were an assortment of hacks, an arrayment
> of amateurs
> See, I can find nothing good to say about this production.
> The only good thing I can say is that it closed and did
> not risk the future of the masterpiece playing in Germany

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