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Steinyear 2006 in review

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Pudding (nzpudding@gmail.com) 09:48 pm MST 12/30/06

So what kind of year has Jim Steinman had?

Taniec Wampirow closed on 22nd January but because of popular demand, it re-opened for a limited time on 10th May and a cast recording was made. Lets hope for more Warsaw productions.

Tanz Japan opened to rave reviews on July 2nd for 2 months. The audience apparently LOVED it, but unfortunately there's no immediate plans for it to be re-staged in 2007, or 2008 for that matter. At least we have a CD though, and a very nice CD it is

Germany produced another Tanz der Vampire, this time in Berlin which premiered on 10th December. By all accounts this is THE best ever productions of the musical and fingers crossed it'll be on in Berlin for a very long time.

News of a production of Tanz der Vampire (Vámpírok Bálja) in Budapest emerged and will open in June 2007. We've been treated to some sneaky mp3's from them and so far it doesn't sound too bad.

Thanks to Bill Kenwright and at the request of Andrew Lloyd-Webber, a strictly limited run (March to August) of Whistle Down The Wind hit Palace Theatre in London. The show was only a filler between Woman in White closing and Spamalot starting, but it had rave reviews and could be a contender for a nomination as 'Best revival of a show' at the Olivier Awards (I did say 'could be'). Whistle Down The Wind still remains one of ALW's most successful touring productions, so lets hope we get more shows.

Nicki French managed to regurgitate Total Eclipse Of The Heart yet again, with a batch of remixes that can only be described as SHITE. Hmmmm 'Total Eclipse 2006', how original. Someone stop her before she remixes again.

Westlife managed to get to No.1 in the UK album charts with their 'Love' album and had Total Eclipse as one of the songs, TEOTH is slated to be released as a single in its own right in Feb 2007.

The Dream Engine has spluttered its way through 2006. Despite a nice looking website being created and a myspace site, and a few mp3's being offered up, only a handful of shows (a couple in Feb and a couple in March with Bonnie Tyler special guesting at one show in Feb and two in March) at Joe's Pub came about. They did manage to get a live TV spot though at the Gergia Music Hall Of Fame 16th Sept, and performed What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most and We're Still The Children. It was a nice little promo spot, but very little follow-up. Alas we wait to see what happens with TDE in 2007, hopefully a hell of a lot more than what happened in 2006.

Some donkeys at Iron Mountain lost some of Jims masters for Total Eclipse and Left In The Dark (I hope I got that right) so he sued the incompetent morons for US$20Million

The review wouldn't be complete without a mention of Bat3 and the $50Million ass-banging Jim was going to get for the trademark 'Bat Out Of Hell'. Despite what opinions we all have of the lawsuit, it seems in the end its turned out for the best for Jim.....everything considered.

As for Bat3 itself, I think diplomatically it's a good album, but it ain't no Bat album. Probably because it isn't 100% Steinman penned or Steinman produced. Seven songs by Jim, five cover versions and two taken from Batman. The Steinman penned tunes weren't totally fucked up, B4G wasn't that bad and Land Of The Pig was the best one IMO However, why the fuck It's All Coming Back To Me Now managed to not only get on the album, but be released as the lead-off single, despite Meats mad rants that it was HIS song and it was meant for Bat2, is beyond me and as a duet FFS (For F*ck Sake).

Please, if there's any mistakes I've made or missed anything out, then add to it. Maybe once it's complete JD could add an edited version to the site.


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