Bat Out Of Hell The Musical : Multimedia

A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

20th April 2018. Producer David Sonenberg speaks to James East on UK's Talk Radio about Bat Out Of Hell - the musical, and the history of his involvement with the show since Neverland and the 1977 album Bat Out Of Hell.

19th April 2018. Opening night of Bat Out Of Hell The Musical at the Dominion Theatre, London. Red carpet interviews with Andy Oliver of Musical Theatre Reviews.

19th April 2018. The official opening of Bat Out Of Hell at the Dominion. Half an hour or so before the show was due to start that evening, the show livestreamed this video on Facebook - it starts off with the fans singing in front of the theatre, led by Meat Loaf tribute artist Mark Greenshields, and some fan interviews, then there are multiple pre-recorded interviews with the cast and staff on the show (Giovanni Spano interviews Rob Fowler, Andrew Polec, then Danielle interviews Lydia Hardiman - costume supervisor, Gio interviews Simon Marlow - production manager), back outside to live interviews again with the some of the special guests invited to see the show - Ben Forster, Chris Moyles, Sinitta, Karen Clifton (Strictly Come Dancing dancer), more cast interview - Danielle Steers interviewing Giovanni Spano and Patrick Sullivan, then Sharon Sexton and Christina Bennington.

19th April 2018. The official opening of Bat Out Of Hell at the Dominion. Red Carpet News posted some red carpet interviews with Jay Scheib, Christina Bennington, Christina Bennington, Danielle Steers, Wayne Robinson, Alex Thomas-Smith, Patrick Sullivan, Rob Fowler, Sharon Sexton and Giovanni Spano.

They talk about the show, about use of video and the film-like techniques used in the show, Meat Loaf as an inspiration, the actors talk a little more about their characters in the show, the songs and depth to the songwriting.

19th April 2018. The official opening of Bat Out Of Hell at the Dominion. WhatsOnStage posted some red carpet interviews with the stars (and director) of Bat Out Of Hell for the show's official opening at the Dominion Theatre, talking about the show, how to do this show 8 times a week, etc.

12th April 2018. The show released a video of building the set for Bat Out Of Hell in the Dominion Theatre, London. This is how a dystopia rises. Welcome back to Obsidian.

9th April 2018. The show released a 360° rehearsals video. If you want some heavy drama, I've got a whole damn panorama! It's really cool, the camera is on stage and you can rotate the video as you watch it (and if you have a VR headset, you can look around with head-tracking!). This includes Raven's bedroom, which you can't really get a good view of from the audience. This shows rehearsals for You Took The Words, For Crying Out Loud, Heaven Can Wait, and Land Of The Pig.

4th April 2018. Ticketmaster made their own advert for Bat Out Of Hell, using footage from the church gig and little clips of the cast saying how much they're looking forward to the Dominion Run.

29th March 2018. Promo video with the leads, talking about their characters - Andrew Polec (Strat), Christina Bennington (Raven), Rob Fowler (Falco), Sharon Sexton (Sloane).

20th March 2018. Giovanni Spano (Ledoux), Aran MacRae (Tink), and Billy Lewis Jr (Jagwire) in interview with Theo Bosanquet for Curtain Call.

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