Bat Out Of Hell The Musical : Multimedia

A collection of interviews, features, and promotional shows for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, from newest to oldest.

15th March 2018. Shortly ahead of opening at the Dominion Theatre, London, the cast of Bat Out Of Hell the musical put on a live show at the American International Church in London. It's an actual church on Tottenham Court Road, just by the Dominion - you can see the audience sitting in pews - and they put up Bat Out Of Hell posters everywhere, piled in and did this free show. It's substantial too, nearly half an hour of great music.

Setlist: Bat Out Of Hell, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most, Dead Ringer For Love, I'd Do Anything For Love.

There are two great videos of this, this first one is from Theatre-News and is filmed from the viewpoint of the audience

The other is shot professionally by the show, with dynamic shots and soundboard audio - so you won't hear the audience applause between scenes, etc.

2nd March 2018. Giovanni Spano and Danielle Steers take us on a tour around rehearsals for Bat Out Of Hell, preparing to open at the Dominion Theatre, London. After the show ended in Toronto, contracts for the cast were up - some stayed on, many were replaced - and in the end, there were 2 ensemble characters added. So there's a blend of "old" and new in the cast at this point.

25th February 2018. Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler in interview just before performing at the WhatsOnStage Awards, 2018.

25th February 2018. Bat Out Of Hell put on a show at the 18th annual "WhatsOnStage Awards". We only have fan footage of this (all gratitude to Rach Ireland). This was the first time the public got to hear Wayne Robinson as Jagwire.

Setlist: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, What Part Of My Body Hurts The Most, For Crying Out Loud

If you're wondering how well the show did in the awards, the nominations it received:

  • Best Actor: Andrew Polec, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Actress: Christina Bennington, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Supporting Actor: Rob Fowler, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Supporting Actress: Danielle Steers, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best New Musical: Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Direction: Jay Scheib, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Set Design: Jon Bausor, Bat Out Of Hell
  • Best Lighting Design: Patrick Woodroffe, Bat Out of Hell

The only winner out of these nominations was Patrick Woodroffe. But we have such pride in every nomination.

Want to see some magic? Chris Sutherland, drummer with the Bat Band in Toronto, set up a camera so we can watch him play drums for the song Bat Out Of Hell in the musical.

7th January 2018 - Final show of the season at the Ed Mirvish Theatre, Toronto, Canada. This fan-filmed video shows the final curtain call and Andrew Polec's speech. (Go Leafs Go!)

BATCHAT Christmas Special 2017. A fun gift for the fans.

8th December 2017. At the time, Bat Out Of Hell was still playing in Toronto, but this interview with Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington was more about stirring interest in the show's coming return to the UK.

7th December 2017. CTV Breakfast in Toronto, Danielle Steers and Billy Lewis Jr in brief interview. Sadly, we don't have video of the performance mentioned.

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4th December 2017 - BATCHAT episode 8 : Danielle and Christina interview Emily Benjamin and Simon Gordon. Simon is a cover Strat, and Emily is ensemble character Mordema.

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