Dance Of The Vampires

Casting Call -
Dance Of The Vampires

The following character descriptions were
provided for the September 2001 auditions:

Equity principal auditions will be held for the upcoming Broadway production of "Dance of the Vampires" (Minskoff Theatre) at Bernard Telsey Casting - Eq. Production contract. David Sonenberg, Andrew Braunsberg, prod'rs; Jim Steinman, composer; John Caird, Jim Steinman, dirs.; Daniel Ezralow, choreo.; Michael Reed, music supervisor; Patrick Vaccariello, mus'l dir.; 101 Productions, Ltd., gen'l mgr.; Bernard Telsey Casting, casting dir. Rehearsals begin on or about Jan. 7; previews begin on or about March 5; open on or about April 11. Regular EPA procedures will be used. Prepare one pop/rock song showing range and emotion. Bring sheet music and pix and resumes. Accompanist provided. EQ. PRODUCTION CONTRACT.


Seeking-Count Von Krolock: male, any ethnicity, to play anywhere from 30 to 50 to 425 years old, the show's vampire, the seductive, diabolic, dramatic center of the show, vocal: a galvanizing massive baritone; Alfred: male, any ethnicity, plays 18-19, hero, earnest young student, heroine has to fall for him at first sight, vocal: gorgeous, strong, lyric high baritone; Sarah: female, any ethnicity, plays 15-18, heroine, breathtaking village girl, radiant but wanting to be corrupted, vocal: a Celine Dion-type voice, but a tougher more R&B or rock-influenced sound; Herbert: male, any ethnicity, plays approximately 20, the Count's gay vampire son, needy, lonely, horny, demonically determined young rich kid, vocal: high baritone or dark tenor of size and passion; Prof. Abronsius: male, any ethnicity, plays 60-65, Alfred's mentor and a classic absent-minded professor, the comic centerpiece of the show, vocal: high baritone with extensive range; Chagal: male, any ethnicity, plays 40-55, Sarah's over-protective father and the Jewish innkeeper, should be almost a parody of Tevye from "Fiddler on the Roof," vocal: commanding baritone; Rebecca: female, any ethnicity, plays 40-55, Chagal's wife, large, buffo, unsatisfied, griping village spouse and co-innkeeper, vocal: huge, rich contralto/mezzo; Magda: female, any ethnicity, plays 25, the amid of all trades at the village inn, busty, lusty village Cleopatra, vocal: a glorious theatrical belt with extensive range.


Seeking males and females: strong, sexy, exotic, eccentric dancers, can be of any ethnicity and any type, ages 20-35. Seeking unique dancers with a wide range of physical ability and strong modern/ballet/jazz technique. Think modern dance companies. Dancers who specialize in acrobatics and flying are a plus. Singing ability is a plus but definitely not necessary for the major dance tracks. All ensemble members in this musical have to dance or move well.