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Let your dreams out of their cages
Every passion and desire
Let your visions be outrageous
Set your fantasies on fire!

-Carpe Noctem

A new musical by Jim Steinman and Michael Kunze

Based on the film by Roman Polanski

Michael Crawford returns to Broadway for the first time since his Tony Award®- winning performance in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES is a hot wired fairy tale in which an aristocratic, charismatic vampire, Count Von Krolock, jousts with a young passionate student, Alfred, to win the body and soul of a beautiful eighteen year old virgin, Sarah, who only knows that she wants…more!!!

From an award-winning creative team comes the musical event of the season.

DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES is a spectacular rollercoaster ride, twisting and turning from romance to comedy to horror, all set against an opulent score and explosive dance.

Get ready for a total eclipse over Broadway.

In A Transylvanian Graveyard...
Calling All Vampires

Musical Of The Macabre

It Pays To Be Undead
A Towering Talent
Watch Out!

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