Creative Team

JIM STEINMAN (Composer, Lyricist, Book) Though Jim began in theatre, he is best known as a songwriter/producer whose records have sold more than 100 million copies, described by the L.A. Times as "the Richard Wagner of rock." At Amherst College he wrote and starred in an epic musical The Dream Engine. It caused a sensation, and N.Y. Shakespeare Festival's Joe Papp bought the rights at intermission. His first professional musical was More Than You Deserve at Papp’s Public Theater, where he worked for five years. When a singer named Meat Loaf auditioned for him, Spin Magazine called the meeting "one of the top ten most important moments in the history of rock and roll." Then came his first record, the legendary Bat Out Of Hell, with Meat Loaf, the biggest debut album ever and the second best selling disc of all time. The sequel Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell topped the charts in 38 countries 16 years later in 1993.

#1 songs include: “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” (twice, 1983 and 1995), “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”, “Dead Ringer”, “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”, “Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad”, “Holding Out For A Hero”, “I'd Do Anything For Love But I Won't Do That” (biggest rock single sales ever), “It's All Coming Back To Me Now”, which was named the 1997 Song Of The Year by BMI, for having had the most broadcasts worldwide - 1.6 million, and "No Matter What," by Boyzone (record of the year in England for 1998 and #1 in 18 countries - the most successful single ever released from a musical in history). He won a Grammy award as producer for Best Album of the year, Celine Dion's Falling Into You. He made one platinum album as a singer, Bad For Good. Film music includes Footloose, Streets Of Fire, The Shadow, and Mask Of Zorro. He has also written the score for Tanz der Vampire - a musical staged by Roman Polanski which opened in Vienna, October of '97 to rave reviews and record box office, and is currently still selling out in it’s 9 th year, now in Berlin. He has also conceived and executive produced the film, and wrote songs/score for, Wuthering Heights 2003 for MTV.

He is currently working on a massive stage spectacle, to be staged in a theatre expressly designed & built for it. It will be moveable too. The show, which may be co-written with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, will feature motorcyclists doing astounding stunts, BMX riders, skateboarders and a corps of amazing dancers from all around the globe, including the most incredible flying ever seen by a troupe of Russian wizards. All Jim’s songs will be chosen by Jim, and three major new ones too. There is also a new film musical being written by Stuart Beattie, of "Collateral" and "Pirates of the Caribbean ", using all Jim's songs. Jim has also created a new show for Disney TV, an animated show, for the new JET-X channel, a "hipper" Disney animated format, closer to anime. He will write a song a week, and executive produce. The show is developed to use the ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS, from TLC's top rated show "MASTER CHOPPERS." It is called"BIKERS OF THE ROUND TABLE."

Tanz der Vampire productions are now playing in Berlin, Tokyo, Poland and Hungary, and there is an upcoming movie of Tanz der Vampire planned as well. Whistle Down The Wind, for which he wrote lyrics to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, is running again in London’s West End, where it opened to RAVE REVIEWS and rapturous audience response. Finally he, along with Steven Rinkoff, has formed a new group, The Dream Engine, to deliver Jim’s new songs and some classics in a unique and thrilling way.

Steinman is also the president of Ravenous Entertainment, which includes Ravenous Records, and is distributed by Sony Records worldwide.

MICHAEL KUNZE (Book) found early international success as a songwriter and record producer. In the 1970’s his recordings dominated the charts in Europe, some of which hit the top of the charts in the US. At the same time, he authored television scripts and books on historical topics; one of them, Highroad to the Stake, became a law student's favourite in the US. He made his first appearance in the musical theatre with adaptations of international shows for their German-language mountings. His first original musical, Elisabeth, turned out to be a hit, totaling 1,278 Viennese performances, whilst going on to productions in Japan, Hungary, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia. Elisabeth was followed up by Dance of the Vampires, already a cult musical and box office phenomenon in Europe, and by Mozart!, a contemporary tribute to the musical genius, currently playing in Sweden and Japan. Lately, Michael has written a straight play (Lenya) and an opera libretto (Raoul). He is working on a musical of Rebecca, based on Du Maurier's novel. Dr. Michael Kunze holds a Grammy, 79 Gold and Platinum Records, 3 Golden Europes, 2 Best Musicals Awards. He and his wife, Roswitha, live alternately in Munich and New York.

ROMAN POLANSKI (Based on a film by) is one of the most controversial contemporary directors in Cinema History. Roman has created films that unnerve and horrify the viewer such as "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Tenant", as well as the masterpiece "Chinatown" starring Jack Nicholson. He also directed the groundbreaking vampire movie "Dance of the Vampires" and the period drama "Tess," based on the novel by Thomas Hardy starring, Nastassja Kinski. Both of these films exude a haunting yet luminous beauty. As a filmmaker he is exceptional in his ability to produce works with a disturbing mood and atmosphere of suspense that is impossible to replicate. His hallmark is to utilize seemingly everyday events and situations and then expose the undercurrent of evil that lies beneath; he explores the thin line between madness and sanity with compelling expertise and intuitive mastery. In 2002, Roman Polanski won the Cannes film festival's coveted Palme d'Or for "The Pianist," a semi-autobiographical film that follows one man's survival in WWII's Warsaw ghetto. Exclusive! See the 1967 MGM Movie Trailer For Polanski's Dance Of The Vampires