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Show business, land of the pig

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fnord 03:09 pm MST 11/02/17

This topic may get me hated on this board. I'm reluctant to bring it up but it has been on my mind, and likely on many minds given what's been in the news lately.

Specifically, I was reading the new interviews with Jim about the Bat musical and references to his past work. He mentioned in one that Tanz der Vampire was originally directed by Roman Polanski (which I had forgotten).

I think everyone's aware of Polanski's history, in particular the statutory rape charge that has kept him in exile for 40+ years. Because of Polanski's skill as a director, or the trauma of recently having his wife murdered, some people are willing to overlook the fact that he had sex with a 13 year old girl. Besides, it was the 70s. But it has come out recently that this was not a sort-of consensual relationship (as much as a 13 year old can consent, which is legally not at all), but Polanski drugged before raping her. That's just despicable. Since then, several more women have come forward to make similar claims against Polanski. He's apparently a serial rapist in the Cosby mold.

I haven't read all of Jim's interviews. Has he ever commented on Polanski as a person, beyond being the director of the show? Do we know how Jim feels about working with a rapist? Was he willing to overlook that to get his show staged? Did he not know? (I suppose that's possible; when Tanz was developed 20+ years ago, not as much about the case may have been in the open.)

Every day, another hero gets thrown on the fire for molesting children, raping women, battering partners, murdering rivals or prostitutes, and so on. Hollywood is an abattoir.

Of course we want to think Jim is a good person. He seems like a nice guy in interviews. Karla and Ellen are still willing to work with him 40 years later. Nothing bad has been said about him, as far as I know, aside from people thinking his music is bad.

Has Jim ever commented on Polanski? Would he work with him again if there were a project? Has he ever spoken against anyone who was an abuser, or stopped working with someone who was?

If Jim were to face allegations of abuse, I don't know how I would handle it. His music means so much to me, I don't know if I could give it up. I was willing to give up Bowie, Prince, Van Morrison, Nugent, Cosby, Whoopie Goldberg (Cosby defender), Dave Chappelle (Cosby apologist), Depp, Crowe, Spacey, Piven, Andy Dick, Woody Allen, Cee Lo, Gary Glitter, Marvin Gaye, and others. I'm having a hard time giving up Steely Dan, but if Donald Fagen batters his wife again I will.

Sorry to be maudlin. It's been on my mind.

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