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re: Part 1: A Steinfan is born and grows to middle-age!

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Markus 01:02 pm MST 12/19/18
In reply to: Part 1: A Steinfan is born and grows to middle-age! - MasterMoose 07:20 pm MST 12/18/18

Love it! Still checking this place neaarly every day.


> - Also Posted to Facebook - Part 2 coming soon
> So there I am, a 14 year old Auckland boy who, having
> bought his first CD player has just discovered Meatloaf
> through Bat II. I read “Songs by Jim Steinman” and see
> the name a few times in the linear notes but am sure it is
> most likely Meat’s real name. The seeds of Steinfandom
> are heavily planted.
> An impressionable child in a tumultuous world (who uses a
> dictionary to learn what ‘tumultuous’ means).
> Loving the sequel, Bat 1 and Dead-Ringer are soon added to
> my collection. An unknowing Steinmania grows.
> Bulletin Boards. A 2400 baud modem and an Amiga 500. I
> sign off all my messages with a lyric – usually
> “..gone when the morning comes” A chat starts I learn
> that many of the Bat 2 songs existed before hand and
> confirmation that Jim and Meat are two different people.
> I make it a mission to track down Bad for Good and
> Pandora’s Box. The latter of which will take another 3
> years but was more than worth the wait.
> Welcome to the Neighbourhood follows. The first album I
> ever buy on release day. Noticing now that Steinman is not
> named on all of the songs, and the ones that he isn’t
> named on just aren’t as good.
> It’s now the early 2000’s I’m in my early 20’s.
> jimsteinman.com becomes a regular haunt. Bootleg MP3s.
> Tanz, Batman, Karine Hannah, Dream Engine, Neverland, How
> many versions of the same song can one guy need? Too much
> is never enough!
> My 30s hit, I propose to my wife in the form of a job
> application (I work in HR solutions) one of the questions
> “Are you happy to hear about Pro-Wrestling and Steinman
> forever?” My two favourite forms of entertainment. I
> believe I love everything over the top.
> I have my wife, children, faith and Stein-music that
> occupy spaces in mind every day.
> Then Bat the Musical is announced. Jaded, I think this is
> a project that likely will never happen – and then it
> does!
> What can I do to get to Manchester? Toronto? London? They
> are all so far away, so expensive. Life has a way of
> getting in the way of our passions.
> This year, I turned 40, around the same time I learn Bat
> is ending in London. Andrew Leaves the U.K. production. A
> U.S tour though? No, that dies.
> January 5 is the deadline! My wife is having trouble with
> the passport office, work is getting busy. I surrender to
> the fact that I won’t see this 5 Star show.
> A break! My schedule clears, and my family agrees. This
> Blonde-haired Blue-Eyed Black hearted boy is going to fly
> to the other side of the world, solo, to watch a musical
> – The musical!

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