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re: Part 1: A Steinfan is born and grows to middle-age!

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tragichippy 10:15 am MST 12/20/18
In reply to: Part 1: A Steinfan is born and grows to middle-age! - MasterMoose 07:20 pm MST 12/18/18

Your story is very similar to mine (until it gets to the wife and kids bit at least...)

Glad you'll finally get to see the show. No doubt you'll have an amazing time!

> - Also Posted to Facebook - Part 2 coming soon
> So there I am, a 14 year old Auckland boy who, having
> bought his first CD player has just discovered Meatloaf
> through Bat II. I read “Songs by Jim Steinman” and see
> the name a few times in the linear notes but am sure it is
> most likely Meat’s real name. The seeds of Steinfandom
> are heavily planted.
> An impressionable child in a tumultuous world (who uses a
> dictionary to learn what ‘tumultuous’ means).
> Loving the sequel, Bat 1 and Dead-Ringer are soon added to
> my collection. An unknowing Steinmania grows.
> Bulletin Boards. A 2400 baud modem and an Amiga 500. I
> sign off all my messages with a lyric – usually
> “..gone when the morning comes” A chat starts I learn
> that many of the Bat 2 songs existed before hand and
> confirmation that Jim and Meat are two different people.
> I make it a mission to track down Bad for Good and
> Pandora’s Box. The latter of which will take another 3
> years but was more than worth the wait.
> Welcome to the Neighbourhood follows. The first album I
> ever buy on release day. Noticing now that Steinman is not
> named on all of the songs, and the ones that he isn’t
> named on just aren’t as good.
> It’s now the early 2000’s I’m in my early 20’s.
> jimsteinman.com becomes a regular haunt. Bootleg MP3s.
> Tanz, Batman, Karine Hannah, Dream Engine, Neverland, How
> many versions of the same song can one guy need? Too much
> is never enough!
> My 30s hit, I propose to my wife in the form of a job
> application (I work in HR solutions) one of the questions
> “Are you happy to hear about Pro-Wrestling and Steinman
> forever?” My two favourite forms of entertainment. I
> believe I love everything over the top.
> I have my wife, children, faith and Stein-music that
> occupy spaces in mind every day.
> Then Bat the Musical is announced. Jaded, I think this is
> a project that likely will never happen – and then it
> does!
> What can I do to get to Manchester? Toronto? London? They
> are all so far away, so expensive. Life has a way of
> getting in the way of our passions.
> This year, I turned 40, around the same time I learn Bat
> is ending in London. Andrew Leaves the U.K. production. A
> U.S tour though? No, that dies.
> January 5 is the deadline! My wife is having trouble with
> the passport office, work is getting busy. I surrender to
> the fact that I won’t see this 5 Star show.
> A break! My schedule clears, and my family agrees. This
> Blonde-haired Blue-Eyed Black hearted boy is going to fly
> to the other side of the world, solo, to watch a musical
> – The musical!

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