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re: Jim's History musically.

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rockfenris2005 09:20 pm UTC 05/11/21
In reply to: re: Jim's History musically. - steven_stuart 08:53 pm UTC 05/11/21

The Bat albums always remind me of the Terminator movies. I'm sure I've said this before (Haha!!). When James Cameron (the Jim of the Terminator movies) made the first movie, it was filmed more like an independent film, because he wasn't the big action blockbuster director again. By the time he made the sequel, he'd done the Aliens movie and The Abyss, and then the T1000 was this huge technological innovation, effects wise, that excited everyone and even today contains some of the coolest special effects from a movie ever. T2 is like the Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell, much bigger, huge blockbuster event, all of that. In that sense, Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back" is sort of the Jim equivalent to Cameron working on "Titanic", with "Tanz" as well I'd say. They both do really towering work with "Tanz" and "Titanic", but completely different scenarios.

Meat is clearly the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the scenario. "Bat III" is "T3" because that was directed by Jonathan Mostow with no Cameron involvement, Bat 3 was Desmond Child and there was no Jim. "Braver" is "Terminator: Dark Fate" with Linda Hamilton returning.

So that's really how I look at those albums, I guess.

> That's an interesting point. They might well have worked
> together anyway. I don't think BOOH 1 would have sounded
> so natural and cool if it had been produced in the 90s but
> it might have sounded more polished and perfect. I quite
> like that the first two BOOH albums have a different
> sound. What do you think? Its like the difference between
> the BOOH 1 films and the very expensive movie like BOOH 2
> videos. I like both and if BOOH 1 had been produced in the
> 90s we wouldn't have a big part of the BOOH story. Hmm.
> > If they had both been successful separately, I think they
> > would have become aware of each other, later on, and we
> > still would have had a collaboration of some kind. It's
> > fun to think about. And what would Bat 1 sound like if it
> > had been produced in the 90s?
> >
> > > Jim and Meat meeting must have been one of those meant to
> > > happen things. I thnk they were both very talented and
> > > would have been successful in a different way had they not
> > > met but they really were so well suited for each other.
> > > Both men are opera meets rock. A marriage made in heaven.
> > >
> > > > I have a very interesting question where do you think Jim
> > > > or Meat had been if they hadn't met that fateful day
> > > > during Jim's rehearsals for more thna you deserve? I
> > > > thought that was good question. I think his voice and
> > > > Jim's music just go together so well and creates a magic
> > > > I like the dark gothic feel of the music too as well as
> > > > the stage presence.
> > > > I've listened to Rock and opera all my life so when Meat
> > > > came on the stage when I first saw him live show I was
> > > > like Ah so what the guy is over weight it didn't make any
> > > > difference to em because being an avid opera fan as well
> > > > as rock n roll fan big singers never really made me think
> > > > Omg they are over weight lol
> > > > I am going to miss Jim's music so much let's keep his
> > > > memory alive always
> > > > For Jim it will always be a Hot Summer Night.
> > > >

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