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re: Terminator: The Musical?

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Evan 08:53 am UTC 05/22/21
In reply to: Terminator: The Musical? - rockfenris2005 03:12 pm UTC 05/12/21

Very entertaining to read.

> Meanwhile the world is left wondering what a Cameron "T3"
> would have been like (I love the idea I once read on IMDB
> that Linda Hamilton could play a new Terminator sent back
> to kill John, and to make him weaker and more vulnerable
> she resembles his dead mother Sarah. Imagine that and
> Skynet nuking everyone at the end. I came up with the part
> where the new Terminator's death would mirror Sarah's
> nightmare in the second movie. That's how she'd die. She'd
> get caught outside as the bombs start going off, and
> instead we see the endoskeleton when the nuke blows off
> her skin. That bit's sometimes cut out of the TV versions
> of T2.)
> I thought a *lot* about a Terminator musical. I see it
> like a "My Fair Lady" type of story, Liza Doolittle
> transforms into a flower seller on the corner of Tottenham
> Court Road, to a lady who one of the characters even
> thinks is royalty.
> In Terminator, it's about Sarah's transformation from a
> young uni student, living in a flat with two of her
> friends, and she works at the local burger joint---"Look
> at it this way. In a hundred years, who's going to care?"
> (which btw is my favourite line from the "Terminator"
> movies and not "I'll be back" or any of the others haha).
> Suddenly there's this person killing off people with the
> same name, all in the same area, which starts to freak her
> out. Only she has no idea what's about to happen which she
> can barely even come to terms with.
> She goes from serving burgers and chips to the mother of
> the leader of the resistance, the man who leads the
> world's survivors in the war against Skynet which has
> destroyed the world, and sent machines back in time to
> kill his mother before he's even been born.
> The transformation is complete, when Sarah finally kills
> the machine and says "You're terminated, fucker" and she's
> never the same person again. In that moment, the Sarah
> that we knew at the start of the story no longer exists.
> Meanwhile you've got this time travel love storyline with
> Kyle Reese, whose life experience up to this point, is
> basically hell on earth. It's sort of like the premise for
> the musical "Brigadoon". There's this town that appears
> once every one hundred years, and they've only got that
> one day that they spend together. Sarah basically spends a
> night with Kyle, who's been sent back from the future to
> protect Sarah, and then he dies. He gets killed by the
> Terminator.
> What I realized though was that the Terminator wouldn't
> sing. Everyone else would, but not the Terminator. a) the
> Terminator is a machine. He's not even a he. It's
> incapable of emoting, therefore you can't turn that into a
> song. It wouldn't fit with the character, and b) the
> contrast with the Terminator not singing and everyone
> around it having a song, would make it more intimidating.
> All we would get are the famous lines: "Nice night for a
> walk", "I'll be back", and all of that.
> I also worked out where the first act would end, which
> would be the shootout at the cop station. Not just because
> it's a big action piece, like the falling of the
> chandelier in "Phantom" for example, but that's the moment
> where Sarah accepts, for once and for all, that Kyle's
> right and that only he can really protect her.
> > This is a pretty perfect comparison. By the time they got
> > to the Bat sequel they not only had a gigantic budget but
> > they also were seasoned pros who knew how to utilize
> > technology better. You can tell from listening to Bat II
> > and watching Terminator 2 that both Jim’s must have had a
> > blast.
> >
> > O a side note, I seem to remember that you wrote a
> > Terminator musical years ago with the song, “Sarah Conner,
> > You’re A Goner.”

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