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Overall structure of the page - Close up photo of an American motorbike, and a right hand holding some red cloth. The hand is Meat Loaf's, and the red cloth harks back to the red cloth on the back cover of Bat Out Of Hell, and the red handkerchief he used to hold on stage while touring with Bat Out Of Hell. There is a small amount of text in the top left corner. In the bottom left of the advert, the album cover art for Bat Out Of Hell 2 is shown. Text flows down the red cloth. In the right lower corner, the MCA logo.


In 1977, A Rock & Roll Legend Gave You A Taste Of Heaven.

Isn't It Time To Go Back?

Meat Loaf

Bat Out Of Hell II : Back Into Hell

MCAC / D-10699

As the 1977 classic Bat Out Of Hell continues to sell 15,000 copies per week - placing it in the Top 100 each year and making it both history's longest-charting album and one of the best-selling rock albums of all time - Meat Loaf unleashes the long-awaited sequel.

Bat Out Of Hell II : Back Into Hell reunites the versatile actor-singer with writer-producer Jim Steinman. For millions of fans, it's a classic rock dream come true.

  • · Featuring “I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)” MCACS-54626
        AOR Breaker Out Of The Box
        CHR Most Added
  • · Video directed by Michael Bay
        MTV: Active
        VH-1: Five Star
        The Box
  • · Live On Broadway September 17, 18, 20 & 21
        Sold Out In Minutes
        National Tour In November

Written And Produced By Jim Steinman With Meat Loaf

Recorded By: Steven Rinkoff

Mixed By: David Thoener

Direction: Left Bank Management