Dance of
the Vampires


Forever's Gonna Start Tonight



The wilds of Transylvania...The shadow of a dark knight looms large...Lost inside a blinding snowstorm, an innocent boy and a man of science...An unspoken certainty - where something is shattered, something is breaking through...

GARLIC - Chagal, Magda, Rebecca and Village Ensemble


Garlic, garlic!
The secret of staying young
Garlic, garlic!
That's why we're so well hung
What is strong is getting stronger
What is long is getting longer
With some garlic on your tongue
With some garlic on your tongue

Superstition meets Science...Alfred carries a nearly dead Professor Abronsius through the door of a remote inn run by Chagal...Nothing perks up men like wine, women and song - a fact Magda, the voluptuous maid, and the rest of the 'inn-mates' demonstrate...Restored to alertness Professor notices vast quantities of garlic - the fabled repellent of bloodsuckers...Villagers deny vampires in the proximity but Professor cannot be fooled.


When a man has got a pretty daughter
Then his life is pretty filled with pain
'Cause she never does the things he taught her
It's enough to drive a man insane

Yes, he's proud that she is such a beauty
That's exactly why he hides her well
Everybody wants to steal his cutie
For the hearts of males are black as hell

What's a father to do?... Having noticed the attraction between Sarah (his daughter) and Alfred, Chagal literally boards-up the door between them...Since the budding passion of the young is highly flammable his solution proves to be as effective as spit on a forest fire...



I'm too excited
To count sheep
I'm awake
Yet I dream

My heart's lighted
With a deep
Burning ache
And I dream a lovely dream

Unable to sleep, Alfred and Sarah sing of their newly awakened desire for each other...But they are not alone in their yearning...Chagal sneaks away from Rebecca, his wife, to pay and unwelcome visit to Magda...Alfred is not the only one crying out for Sarah...His want of her is mirrored by Count von Krolock, an immortal suitor whose call she will find strangely irresistible...


God is dead, but we're condemned to live on
Yearning for light, but afraid of the sun
We can't find
The Count But we can't stop to try
We only believe in
The things we deny
Tired of living
Unable to die

So I bless you with my curse
And encourage your endeavor
You'll be better when you're worse
You must die to live forever
I will show you the depths of the night
We can never go wrong together
I will take you to the end of the line
My love is like a shadow on you

Sarah hears the voice of Count von Krolock telling her of another world...The lure of the night is strong as is the promised deliverance from the mundane world she knows...

TRUTH - Professor Abronsius, Magda, Chagal, Rebecca and Alfred

The Professor

Don't you ever try to cheat me
As I gather information
My perception is unerring
Exploring everything
I do not know

I trust in science
Defying defiance
Always fighting for
Whatever's good and true

For every question there is an answer and no truth that defies understanding - or so believes Professor...But no law rules the human heart and desire is quite an immeasurable emotion...

INVITATION TO THE BALL - Count von Krolock

You can choose to stay here
To be a housewife some fine day
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough!
You can work and pray here 'till
You're grumpy, old and gray
But will it ever be enough?
You know that it'll never be enough!

Girls taste so much better when they're willing...Krolock invites Sarah to a grand ball...He offers her a chance to make her wildest dreams a reality...An opportunity to quench her thirst for more...

OUT ON THE FAR SIDE - Alfred and Sarah

Sarah & Alfred

How am I to sleep?
All night long I think of you
There is so much on my mind
That you must know
If you're not asleep
Gaze upon me from your window
Waiting in the moonlight
Looking up from down below

(Sarah) Quiet! No!
Don't serenade!
Father must not know
That I have escaped

Alfred also offers Sarah a way out...He begs her to run off and make a new start with him...Too little, too late...Unbeknownst to Alfred, Krolock has sent a gift for Sarah - a pair of red boots and a vision...


Alfred leaves Sarah alone outside for a moment and she puts on the boots...She has a fantastic reverie about dancing with vampires and can no longer control herself...Sarah takes off into the blackness - racing toward Krolock's castle...


Magda Gets Bitten

When he lived
You couldn't trust him
His behavior
Was disgusting
But as a corpse
He's calm and coy
Like a sleeping little boy

Each time he came near me
He groped and he clutched
Now I can touch him without being touched
Death is such an odd thing
Death is such an odd thing

Soon after chasing his daughter into the wilderness Chagal's body is returned to the inn frozen solid and bitten...Rebecca grieves while Magda lusts...In death she finds him to be far more captivating than in life...Chagal wakes-up and bites her...

FINALE ACT 1 - Count von Krolock

The Count

Stay with me and you'll know love
I'll heal you of your false ambitions
Leave your boring life behind
And believe in your wildest visions

And you will love forever
You will live forever more
Forever more

Count von Krolock's vow to Sarah...

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