Dance Of The Vampires

Count Krolock and Sarah

In Words And Pictures

Act One:



Alfred, a student to the famous Professor Abronsius of Koningberb, accompanies him on an expedition to Transslyvania. They have lost their way in the snow covered mountains.

(Hey, Ho, Professor) Alfred

Townspeople With Garlic Townspeople With Garlic

2nd Scene: CHAGAL'S INN

The villagers are singing the praises of garlic when Alfred burst in carrying the Professor, who's frozen stiff. On regaining consciousness, Abronsius notices the vast quantities of garlic hanging in the room. He suspects the presence of vampires in the district - a suspicion vigorously rejected by the villager.

(Garlic) Ensemble

Alfred and Sarah


Chagal, the Jewish innkeeper, and his wife Rebecca are blessed with a lovely daughter, Sarah, who, out of boredom has developed a passion for bubble baths. She is humming a tune in the only bathroom which is situated between her bedroom and the guest room. Alfred falls in love with her on sight.

(A Pretty Daughter Is A Blessing) Chagal

4th Scene: ALL ARE AWAKE

Alfred and Sarah are also wide awake. They're lying in bed, preoccupied with blissful thoughts of each other. Chagal, covertly observed by the Professor, tiptoes along to the bedroom of Magda, the maidservant.

(Never Ever Seen) Alfred, Sarah, Chagal, Rebecca


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