Dance Of The Vampires
In Words And Pictures
Act I (continued)

5th Scene: SHADOWS

Sarah hears Count Krolock's voice telling her of another world.

(God Is Dead) Von Krolock, Ensemble

Count Krolock's

Koulou comes to fetch candless


Koukol, the Count's hunchback servant, comes to fetch some candles. Professor Abronsius senses vampires near by, though Chagal, Rebecca and Magda do their utmost to conceal the truth.

(Everything's Bright) Magda, Chagal, Rebecca
(Truth) Abronsius

Count Krolock

7th Scene: BATHROOM

Just as Alfred is running himself a bath, Sarah appears. He already hopes that she's interested in him, but she's more interested in taking a bath. Back in his room, Alfred can no longer resist the temptation to peep through the keyhole, he sees Count Krolock in the bathroom and raises the alarm. The Professor, Chagal and Rebecca realize that, although Sarah has not yet been bitten, the Count is trying to seduce her.

(You're Really Very Nice) Sarah, Alfred
(Invitation To The Ball) Von Krolock


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