Dance Of The Vampires
In Words And Pictures
Act I (continued)

Sarah Dreams Of Dancing At The Ball


Koukol leaves a bundle for Sarah in front of the inn. Alfred appears and declares his love for her. She responds but is eager to open the bundle. Having got rid of him, she opens it to discover that Count Krolock has sent her some red boots. She dreams of dancing at a great ball, then runs off into the forest. Alfred raises the alarm and Chagal hurries in pursuit of his daughter.

(Freedom Is Out There) Alfred, Sarah
(The Red Boots) Dance Scene

The Professor

9th Scene: CHAGAL'S INN

The Professor is trying to cheer the dejected villagers when Chagal is carried in, apparently frozen. The Professor instantly recognizes the bite marks on Chagal's throat. Once the villagers have left, he proposes to save the innkeeper's soul by driving a stake through his heart but Rebecca restrains him.


Later that night, Magda sneaks downstairs for a look at Chagal. He wakes up and bites her, then covers her with a cloth and hides under the table. The Professor and Alfred return. They're just about to impale Chagal when he offers to guide them to the Count's castle.

(Garlic) Ensemble
(Guts/The Wolves Are Dangerous/Truth) Professor Abronsius
(Death Is An Odd Thing) Magda


At his castle gate, Count Krolock politely welcomes the Professor and Alfred who claim to be tourists. He introduces his son Herbert and promises to take Alfred under his wing.

(Get Ready) Ensemble
(Blessed Be The Night) Von Krolock
(Blessed Be The Man) Von Krolock, Alfred


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