Dance Of The Vampires
In Words And Pictures
Act II (continued)

At The Ball

10th Scene: BALLROOM

Alfred and the Professor knock out two vampires and join the party disguised in their costumes. Count Krolock introduces Sarah to the guests and announces that he has a special delicacy for them: two scholars trapped in the castle. He dances with Sarah and bites her willingly proffered throat. Alfred and Abronsius talk with her during the ensuing minuet. She has lost a good deal of blood but is still alive. The vampires, who approach the mirrored wall while dancing, suddenly notice that only Alfred, Sarah, and the Professor are reflected in it. Count Krolock commands them to suck the trio dry. Alfred and the Professor manage to escape by the skin of their teeth, taking Sarah with them.

(Eternity) Instrumental
(Welcome Brethren) Von Krolock
(Minuet) Instrumental

Alfred And Sarah

11th Scene: WILDERNESS

The trio have escaped into the starlit night. The lovers embrace while Professor Abronsius takes out his notebook and starts jotting down scientific observations, far too absorbed to notice what's happening behind him.

(Freedom Is Out There) Alfred, Sarah
(The Dance Of The Vampires - Finale) Ensemble

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