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And All The Hiding Places Are Hiding
From the 1969 Amherst Student - a deep look into the Master's mind!

Words By Jim Steinman
Read Jim's thoughts and opinions plus find out exciting news about upcoming projects in Jim's blog:

Rare & Unreleased Songs and Demos
Find them in our Multi-Media section!


In the Bat Out Of Hell Anniversary Section
A rebellious rant from critic/legend Lester Bangs.

In the Multimedia Section
MP3's from 1978's "Live at the Bottom Line in NYC"
Complete show including For Crying Out Loud!
The unedited interview with Jim and Meat from Germany, 1978.

In The Photo History Section
A gorgeous photo of Jim circa 1989!

In The Bat Out Of Hell 25th Anniversary Section
2 articles ('77-78) from The Scene - Northeastern Ohio's Free Rock Music
Magazine. Hear from a writer who witnessed history being made.

In The Multimedia Section
3 New Videos From The Rockpalast Show Including:
EROTIC GLOVE REMOVAL, Bolero & Bat Out Of Hell

A 20 minute interview with Jim called "Other Side Of The Tracks." Jim talks in depth about a variety of projects. (Find it under Other Children)

In The Bad For Good Section
A new review, article and photo - all from Billboard

In The Bat Out Of Hell Section
Enjoy a concert review and a feature article both from Billboard Magazine.

A Jim Steinman Photo History
This new section, linked off of the main lobby page,
contains rare and beautiful photos of the maestro
from various periods of his career.

In The Bad For Good Section
An in-depth feature story and interview with Jim
from International Musician Magazine

In The Bat Out Of Hell Section
A truly wonderful interview with Jim and Meat Loaf from Sound Magazine --
find out what Jim left off of Bat Out Of Hell!

A People Magazine piece on Bat’s burgeoning success
(considered a "gateway" press report in the United States)

Two somewhat perplexed Washington papers observed the
Bat phenomenon as it unfolds

In The Whistle Down The Wind ’96 Section:
A feature story on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest collaborators --
Jim talks about his "skull" tie!

In The Dream Engine Section
A 1969 piece from the Amherst Student that looks at
The Dream Engine & The Revolution

In The Neverland Section
A two part transcript of the show (part 1) (part 2)

In The Bat Out Of Hell Section
A terrific review of the Bat Out of Hell tour

In The Other Children Section
A Bonnie Tyler press compilation

In The Back Into Hell Section
An article in which Richard Gere declares Loaf a legend!


In The Whistle Down The Wind '98 Section

Placed in tribute of Whistle Down The Wind's sad and unnecessary closing, an MP3 
of A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste, as recorded by Kyle "Scarpia" Gordon 
and which aired on WPLJ radio in 1996, has been added.

In The Bio Section

The addition of a recent photograph of Jim taken at the grave site of Richard Wagner.

In The Back Into Hell Section

A Terrific Review Of Back Into Hell

In The Other Children Section

A RealVideo clip from Smash (UK TV) featuring 
Jim and Bonnie discussing Total Eclipse Of The Heart.

In The Bat Out Of Hell Section

Jon Hotten's Feature Story For October 2000's Classic Rock Magazine

Video Excerpts From The Classic Albums Special

In The Bat Out Of Hell 20th Anniversary Section

Bat Out Of Hell Trade Ads

In The Bad For Good Section

A Cashbox Magazine Steinman Profile w/ Embedded Trade Ad

Circus Magazine Feature Story

The BBC Rockhour Transcript w/ Embedded Trade Ad

The Other Children - Bonnie Tyler

Video Clips Of Jim And Bonnie Rehearsing Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Trade Ad For Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire

The Other Children - Billy Squier

A Feature Story From Billy's Fan Magazine

The Other Children - Dead Ringer

Variety & Hollywood Reporter Reviews On The Aborted Movie Release

In The Back Into Hell Section

Cover Story From Entertainment Weekly

Kerrang! Magazine Review w/ Embedded Trade Ad

Q Magazine "Best In Our Lifetime" w/ Embedded Trade Ad

In The Dance Of The Vampires Section

All New Press Reviews, Photos, Feature Stories PLUS
An MP3 Of The New Melody Added To The Stuttgart Production

The Neverland Section

Includes A Photo Tour & MP3's Of The Kennedy Center Production PLUS
All Three Promo Videos From Bad For Good

The Dream Engine Section

Includes A Complete Show Transcript As Well As Rare Photos & Articles

This Recent Addition Explores Fan Reaction 30 Years Later PLUS
Includes The Personal Memoir Of One Of Jim's Classmates

Noctural Pleasures